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Finding Joy in Another Clean Window

Spring Sunshine

We’re spring cleaning around here, a little bit at a time.  A few hours after Miss 14 and I finished this window area, the sun shone in and made the plants glow.

That sunshine brought joy, but it wouldn’t have if we had not stopped to see it, pay attention to it, and be thankful for it.  Perhaps we all need to learn to appreciate the small everyday gifts God gives us.

…because you can’t appreciate these gifts unless you accept them, and you can’t accept them unless you notice them, and you won’t notice them unless you slow down and open up.

Wishing you many happy moments this spring!


  1. JoAnn says:

    So true, and such a lovely picture. Your view is so pretty.

  2. Oh, Annie Kate, I can certainly relate to cleaning little by little. I LOVE to clean and then revel in thankfulness that it is done and pretty! It sounds like we both love to make our house a home 🙂 Your children (in this case, Miss 14) are blessed! To be able to enjoy the simple pleasures is one of the finest joys in all of life~ it is in fact, worship! Thank You, Lord <3
    Love to you, sister!

  3. Annie Kate says:

    Thank you, JoAnn. We are truly blessed with our view!

    Yes, Jacqueline, that is a wonderful way of putting it, that being able to enjoy the simple pleasures God gives us in this life is, in fact, worship. Thank you for those words and your encouragement.

  4. Jenn says:

    Oh, such a beautiful window to look out of. And I see that you are still waiting your spring green to appear. I hope your cleaning goes well.

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