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The First Week: A Fish Fossil!

FIsh Fossil

Last week was a short week, full of learning and happy discoveries.  Truly, if the school year continues like this, we will be blessed in many ways.


Finding a fish fossil on our first nature walk.  We were just clambering over some rocks when Miss 13 saw it.  Amazing!  And when a non-Christian acquaintance puzzled over how that fish got into the rock, I was able to plant a tiny seed,  “There must have been some huge catastrophe.”

Hearing my most anti-learning child exclaim, two days in a row, “I like this schoolwork!”

Reading aloud Journey Through the Night under the butternut trees, even when the chairs are still damp from the rain.

Listening to Miss 17’s enthusiastic stories about her university classes, what she has learned, and what she will be learning.

Background Work:

Math review for both girls.  Miss 13 is making a math notebook so she can have all the concepts she so often forgets at her fingertips for easy review and reference.

Lots of reading in many different books.

For language learning:  Duolingo, Dutch in Three Months, and a children’s book (in Dutch) about the geography, history, and culture in the Netherlands.  We’re ignoring French for now.

King Alfred’s English instead of grammar. So far we’ve been enjoying its history aspects, including a peek at Stonehenge (link to my resource list).


Preparing for a family trip.  Cooking, laundry, gardening, neatening, shopping, encouraging, giving backrubs, smiling, praying, and so much more…including slamming the car door on some precious fingers.  She’s OK, thanks be to God.


I finished Men of Iron by Howard Pyle, and am currently reading King Alfred’s English, How to Really Love Your Child, Joy at the End of the Tether, Tales of Ancient Egypt, and 2 Kings.

Reading with the family:

Journey through the Night, Ecclesiastes, the Illustrated Family Bible (link to my review), and Acts.

Recommended Links:

To ensure that this will be a successful school year, to God’s glory, I am focusing on 6 Tips for a Successful School Year and 7 Tips for Moms Who Want to Model the Joy of Learning.  Of course, the basis for both is to read the Bible regularly.  If this is a challenge for you, here are 6 Tips for Bible Reading.

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  1. Carol says:

    Life! – I like that you included that – except for the fingers bit it all sounded great.

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