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Review: Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective by Vicki Tillman


Many teens are interested in psychology, but most psychology texts are written from a non-Christian or anti-Christian point of view.  On the other hand, Christian psychology courses, such as Sonlight’s AP course, are available for homeschools but are too difficult for many teens.

In her Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective, Vicki Tillman, M.A., licenced counsellor and long-time homeschool mom, overcomes both of these problems.  As a Christian, she discusses psychology from a biblical point of view. Also, her course is accessible to the average grade 9 or 10 student, although she has included college prep, advanced, and honors level options as well.

Designed to give an overview of psychology and its various fields, from the workings of neurons to human behavior and misbehavior, Vicki’s course also explores the question, “What theories can stand next to scripture and what theories are faulty?”  In 15 chapters of varying length and complexity, she addresses the following basic topics:

  • The Brain and How it Works
  • Perception
  • Genetics
  • Learning
  • History of Psychology (2 chapters)
  • Communication
  • Needs and Motivation
  • Looking at Personality and Theory
  • Sleep and Dreams
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Psychological Testing
  • Christian Counseling
  • Careers in Psychology
  • How to Help a Friend in Crisis

In each chapter, sidebars explain relevant vocabulary, homework questions help consolidate learning, and tests provide objective evaluation.  Clear solutions are available for both the homework and the tests.  Most chapters include enrichment exercises that often involve watching movies, reading, observation, or writing.  The writing is clear, there’s an occasional sparkle of humor, and there are frequent comments on concepts that are being studied.  Some of the chapters are technical, some historical, and some almost hands-on, giving variety to the course.

The level and credit value of the course can be altered by varying the amount of enrichment and reading activities, and a table clearly summarizes how to do this.  It would be easy to teach a group of students at different levels simultaneously using the various options, and this course could be used in homeschool co-ops as well.

We had considered using Sonlight’s AP level homeschool psychology course, but it turned out to be too advanced.  Instead, we are looking forward to studying Vicki’s course this winter.  After going through it myself, I think it will be just the right thing for Miss 14 and Miss 16.  If they are really interested, we will add more of the enrichment exercises and turn it into a higher level course.  I will also recommend it to other young people who are considering studying psychology.  The Sonlight course would, however, be a good follow up to Vicki’s course for teens who want an AP level credit or are contemplating a career in psychology.

Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective is a balanced overview of the field with discussions from a Christian point of view.   The assignments are clear and helpful, the enrichment exercises have many choices, the tests are well-written, and the answer keys are easy to use.  This course is recommended for any homeschooled teen who wants to learn what psychology is all about.  It would also be a helpful Christian introduction for those teens who will need to take a psych course during their post-secondary education.

Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective by Vicki Tillman is available from 7Sisters Homeschool or as a kindle text from Amazon.  Lesson plans are also available if you wish additional resources and hints.  For more information about this course and others, see 7Sisters Homeschool Helps or visit Vicki’s Homeschool Psychology Resources on Pinterest.

Disclosure:  I received a free etext for the purposes of this review and have given my own honest opinions.


  1. Kathleen says:

    This is why you were missed so sorely!! Thanks for a very helpful suggestion/review. I have added it to my Amazon list.

  2. Annie Kate says:

    Thank you for the encouragement, Kathleen! Just a heads up, if you are planning to get it as a course, the kindle version may make testing difficult, since I don’t know if it is possible to print from kindle.

  3. NaTosha Stowers says:

    Would this course be appropriate for 7th/8th graders?

    1. Annie Kate says:

      It depends on the students themselves. Intellectually they may be able to manage, but there’s a certain level of maturity required to really understand the concepts.
      If you buy it now and it turns out to be unsuitable for them, you can just wait a year or two.

  4. Debbie Holte says:

    Coulld I use this as a class for a group of seniors in a Christian school?

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Absolutely, Debbie. There are various enrichment opportunities and ways to make it perfect for a senior level.

      1. Debbie Holte says:

        So Would the “set up” fit in a traditional class setting with lessons and quizzes/tests, or woulD I need to figure all of that out myself?

        1. Annie Kate says:

          There are tests, enrichment exercises, and a detailed outline of how to adjust the course for different levels of high school. There will be more work for the teacher than if there is a standard teacher guide to a standard textbook, I think, because it will be helpful for you to have an idea of the contents of the books recommended for enrichment, etc. But it would be very rewarding and has potential to be an incredibly inspiring course for interested students.

  5. Kim says:

    Thank you so much for a thorough review!

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