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Reading Week

Every fall we take a week off from regular schoolwork and focus on books.  This is a rest and a reward for the fall’s hard work.  It is also a huge game changer educationally, as we take time to explore new ideas. This year we were sick during reading week but even so it was […]

Reading Week, Music, Crafts, and More (Week 11)

We had our annual Reading Week, and it was such a joy!  In one sense it’s a week off from regular schoolwork, and we enjoyed that.  Not that schoolwork didn’t get done; Miss 15 did a lot of it, and I took advantage of the breathing space to plan ahead a bit.  Also, our three-week […]

Reading Week

“Tomorrow Reading Week starts,”  Miss 12 sighed happily Sunday night.  Reading Week, an annual tradition, is one of the joys of our homeschool.  We long for it, dream of it, plan for it, and now, finally, it is here. With over 200 books expected from inter-branch loan in our huge city-wide library system, our house will be awash in […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Reading Week and Augustine College

In our life this week… We read, and looked for ways to organize our 200+ library books so they’re not just piled on the coffee table and scattered all over the floor.  Now they’re in neat piles on the floor. We froze our kale crop and the sauerkraut we made, and now our four freezers […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Reading Week and Getting Healthier

In my life this week… Books, books, and more books. And some DVD’s as well. It was our annual Reading Week, and we enjoyed it hugely. We had a lot of warmish weather, so we spent time out of doors as much as possible. We did what garden work we could, played with the dogs […]