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Things to Think About this Valentine’s Day

Relationships are complicated.  The more I read, the more I find out just how amazing the connection between people can be.  Did you know that if you watch a loved one eat, for example, or see him look sad, the eating or sad parts of your brain are activated?  Did you know that if you […]

Five Thoughts for Valentine’s Day

Your spouse is your friend.  Contrary to modern opinion which often pits husband against wife, that’s the way it can and should be.  My Beloved and My Friend by Hal and Melanie Young (link to my review), discusses and explains this concept.  You can read an excerpt of the book here or get a flavor […]

Two Valentine’s Resources to Bless Your Family

With all the talk about Valentine’s decorations, food, and crafts, I occasionally get inspired to make some of them.  Like last year, when we decorated and ate a heart-shaped cake. But to me, the most inspiring Valentine’s articles are always the stories and practical tips with suggestions on how to show love to your family.  One […]

Weekly Wrap-Up: Valentine’s Fun and a Lot More

In my life this week… Between routine tasks, growing bean sprouts, trying to keep up with little spring cleaning projects, and bringing the car back and forth to our mechanic, 40 minutes away, it’s been a busy, busy week. But it was fun, too.  On Monday I sat down with pink paper and a pair of […]

Inspiration for Valentine’s Day

I’ve been on Tawra and Jill’s Living on a Dime mailing list for years, and I want to tell you about the best post they have ever sent out.  It’s called “When Queens Ride By” and discusses a woman of nearly a century ago, overwhelmed by the same things many of us struggle with, who made a breakthrough discovery. This […]