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Reviews: Homeschool Crew

Our Favourite Homeschool Crew Products

Well, the Homeschool Review Crew year has ended.  It’s been a great year! After a lot of discussion, our family has decided on our top 10 Homeschool Crew products.  This was a very difficult list to make, because there were so many wonderful products.  Our family’s debate was loud and exciting and took a several […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Lobster Network

 Now here’s a unique concept!  Remember all those books (or DVD’s, or children’s clothes, or whatever) you lent out and couldn’t find when you needed them because you forgot who had them?  Remember (blush) the books (or DVD’s, or children’s clothes, or whatever) you borrowed, and can’t remember who from?  Well, Lobster Network, a free […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Peterson Handwriting

Although keyboarding is invaluable, handwriting is still very important.  Peterson Directed Handwriting is a unique concept in handwriting that promises to be helpful for those who have handwriting issues as well as for a first exposure to printing and writing.   Our family volunteered to review this program to: introduce a child to cursive for the […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Light Speed Chemistry AP Exam Prep

  Well.  Wow! My head is spinning!  Even when I still remembered chemistry, the Light Speed Chemistry AP Exam Prep video would have been overwhelming. It covers so much so quickly.  The dynamic student presenters speak rapidly, and concept follows concept at lightning speed.  I actually had to take a break and turn the DVD […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Ideal Curriculum Preschool Kit

  Learning happens.  It need not be formalized and organized at an early age.  If loving parents read to their child, spend time outside together, encourage him to help in the kitchen and yard, take him along on errands, and just generally live alongside their child, he will develop optimally and at his own pace, […]