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Review: Luther by Those Who Knew Him by E. R. Charles

This devotional and encouraging book presents Luther and his ideas through the eyes of various members of a family that knew him.  From Fritz, a monk who travelled to Rome with him, and Else, who struggled with not being religious enough because she was not a nun, to Eva, a nun who rejoiced to share […]

Review: Wambu Trilogy by Piet Prins

As they hunt together deep in the jungles of New Guinea,  Wambu learns jungle craft and the ancient stories of spirits and magic from his father.  But Wambu has discovered the power of the white man’s magic from a former villager, Hassewiets.  When he and his father find a little fugitive girl, Sirja who is a […]

Review: Three Men Came to Heidelberg and Glorious Heretic

The Reformation of the 16th century produced many great documents, including the beloved Heidelberg Catechism and the thorough Belgic Confession.  For their 400th anniversaries, about 50 years ago, Thea B. Van Halsema wrote the stories of how these two influential documents were written. Three Men Came to Heidelberg tells the story of the Heidelberg Catechism. […]

Review: Done and Dared in Old France by Deborah Alcock

Little Gaspard, fleeing for his life in the dark forest, spied the light of a small cottage.  The family, rougher people than he had ever met, needed a young boy to help smuggle salt and gave Gaspard two choices:  die or become a smuggler.  Although he learned their ways and met their friends, he never quite […]

Review: The Secret Mission by A. Van der Jagt

John, an escaped Huguenot, returned to France on a mission for the Dutch government, hoping for an opportunity to free his father, a galley slave.    As John travelled through France, he faced one danger after another.  He hid within a few yards of King Louis XIV, met two Huguenot girls desperate to escape to England, […]