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Reviews: Nonfiction

Review: Busting Myths by Sarfati and Bates

Nowadays one regularly comes across the true statement, “Science is compatible with religion.”  Unfortunately it is often followed by the myth, “No reputable scientist believes in a literal six-day creation.” Busting Myths by Sarfati and Bates aims to refute this idea by presenting interviews with Ph.D. holders in various fields of science.  This book highlights […]

Bloggers Who Became Authors

  While reviewing Nina Amir’s How to Blog a Book (link to my review), I realized that many of the books I’ve read are very closely related to their authors’ blogs.  As someone who delights in watching others achieve big dreams, I offer you this list of bloggers who have published books based on their blogs. […]

Review: A Friend in Me by Pamela Havey Lau

There are so many lonely people in the world.  One of them may even be you. Some say loneliness is an inevitable part of living in a sin-drenched world, and there is a measure of truth in that.  On the other hand, Christians should be there for the lonely, for those who are struggling and […]

Review: How to Blog a Book, Revised & Expanded Edition by Nina Amir

At the back of my mind I have a dream, like a child’s pretty pebble, that I take out, admire once in a while, and then tuck away again.  I suppose many bloggers have the same dream:  to write a book.  After all, writing a book is traditionally what writers dream of…and we bloggers are […]

Review: The Reformation Study Bible, ESV

Because our church just switched to the ESV I was thrilled to review the new ESV Reformation Study Bible.   You see, I love the 2005 Reformation Study Bible (in NKJV), and this one promised to be at least as good.  Why? It uses the ESV which is what I need right now (although a new […]

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