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Weekly Wrap Up

Reading Week, Music, Crafts, and More (Week 11)

We had our annual Reading Week, and it was such a joy!  In one sense it’s a week off from regular schoolwork, and we enjoyed that.  Not that schoolwork didn’t get done; Miss 15 did a lot of it, and I took advantage of the breathing space to plan ahead a bit.  Also, our three-week […]

Learning, Books, and More (Weeks 8-10)

Usually our days are fairly humdrum, to the kids at least.  We eat, do schoolwork, care for our animals, eat, take a break, learn some more, go outside, take a break and do chores, eat, hang out, and go to bed.  Yes, there are appointments, outings, and projects, but nothing huge. Occasionally, though, things are […]

Settling In, Finally (Weeks 6 and 7)

Finally, our homeschool is humming along somewhat as I want it to.  It always takes time to get into a groove, to accept that the work needs to be done, and to find a system that works. Well, it’s working now.  One key element has been changing the way I give daily and weekly assignments, […]

A Slow Week (Week 5)

This was a slow, sleepy week with lots of hot tea, vitamins, Kleenexes, and cough medicine. We learned a bit, harvested a bit, preserved a bit, read a lot, and rested a lot. Formal Learning: I think the highlight was our election project, Voting Rules: Grade 10 Toolkit from the governments of Canada and Ontario. […]

Field Trips, Harvesting, Rats, and Books (Weeks 2-4)

Decades ago, our homeschooling revolved around field trips, read alouds, rabbit trails, and everyday life. These past three weeks the girls and I have been enjoying a repeat of those days. Field trip #1: We visited the Battle of Chrysler Farm location and memorial, scene of one of the major Canadian defenses in the War […]

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