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Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up: Rain, Rabies, and Learning

Here you need to imagine a picture of the beautiful orange-edged yellow roses my husband got me yesterday.  Unfortunately, I could not get the picture onto the computer. In our lives this week… This week was almost the opposite of last week.  Because of rain and cold weather, we did hardly any gardening or swimming.  The girls […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Weeding, Learning, and Driving

In our lives this week… I feel as though we have been very busy.  Once again I’ve discovered that being busy at home (the title of my friend Jenn’s blog) is much more peaceful than being out and about.  That is something to keep in mind when planning our school year. So what did we […]

Vacation Wrap Up

In our lives these weeks… We’ve been to Manitoba and now we are back home, after 5900 km.  We enjoyed precious hours with extended family, with countless conversations, walks, games, and meals, and hours of play in and out of the water.  Our memories are full of people, wildlife, waves, and the endless tree-carpeted hills of […]

Two Week Wrap Up: Wildlife and End of School

In our lives these weeks… Busy, busy.  That describes the last two weeks.  Miss 16 came home from her math conference where she had a wonderful time.  My husband attended his last conference of the spring.  We ended the school year, finished planting the garden, and struggled with colds that came from distant conference places […]

Three Week Wrap Up

In our lives these weeks… These weeks have been such a whirlwind that I could write an entire book about them!  We quietly celebrated our 25th anniversary and some birthdays, enjoyed a church barbeque, visited friends with a new baby, visited old friends, visited a sick friend, attended a concert, explored a castle, ate out, […]

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