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Weekly Wrap Up

Five Week Wrap Up: Life, School, and Books

The past weeks have been moving in many ways. First there was my 50th birthday when my five siblings from all over Canada flew in to celebrate.  There is no way to describe how loved that made me feel.  We had a wonderful time together and, though everyone’s life is back to normal, the weekend strengthened […]

Two Week Wrap Up: Winter and Learning

  We’ve had some real winter this year.  One girl has felt skin begin to stick to metal; another one does not have to be told to wear snow pants anymore.  In the middle of all that cold our fireplace, the house’s main source of heat, developed a quirk and at the same time the […]

Wrap Up for Weeks 6 to 10

The garden harvest is in, the fire is roaring, the weather forecast predicts snow, and we had our first mulled apple juice of the season.  Winter is coming, and with it more cozy study days…I hope. Seterra is the latest big hit at our home, once again rediscovered.  It provides hours of learning, competition, and […]

Wrap Up for Weeks 2-5

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already been doing schoolwork for 5 weeks…as well as reading, playing games, volunteering, harvesting the garden, and dejunking the house. In our homeschool… Miss 16 is busy with her math (Singapore New Elementary Math 4B), physics (Apologia), and an online AP English Language and Composition course. Taking online courses […]

Week 1 Wrap Up

This was our first week of school, and quite a lot happened: –bookwork, from math to history to science. –experiments, like the above one from Apologia’s General Science. –online work in the form of MathScore. –reading books like Crazy Horse, Augustine’s On Christian Doctrine, and Paradise Lost as well as lighter fare by Enid Blyton and Josephine Tey. […]

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