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Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up: School, Spring, and Spring Jobs

  In our life this week… Spring has arrived, my tough kids are wearing shorts and sandals, and I sometimes take off my cozy sweater. With the sunny, warm weather, we are all getting up earlier and playing outside more.   My husband, who was away for a week, left when our world was white, and […]

Three Week Wrap Up: Spring and a Completed Project

In our life these weeks… It’s so good to be back again after taking a two week blog holiday!  This break was necessary, though, so I could complete a massive project: You may recall that I’ve been very busy lately with an enormous history of modern physics project. It culminated in two guest lectures at a local […]

Weekly Wrap Up: School, Fun, and a Vulture Poem

In our life this week… Well, after sharing my thoughts about being far behind in our schoolwork, I was surprised by a great learning week.   The girls worked very diligently and learned a lot. And we also did other things:  skiing, swimming, reading, beading, pie-making, watching the snow whirl by the windows, and sitting by […]

Weekly Wrap Up: School and More

  In our life this week… Time seemed to whiz by.  We ran out of firewood over the weekend and needed to use our oil furnace.  I’m so thankful that we got a huge load of wood Tuesday morning!  My husband loves chopping wood, and we have a cozy living room again. I had a […]

Three Week Wrap Up: Travels and More

In our life these weeks… Well, there was Valentine’s, a visit from a brother-in-law, a huge truck load of logs for the fireplace, the Olympics, and a snowmobile accident right next to our house with huge numbers of rescue workers, including a helicopter. I also went for a trip to Manitoba, all by myself, to […]