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Weekly Wrap Up

Magna Carta, Finishing Grade 12, and More

Miss 17 has almost completed her homeschool career!  Today she hopes to finish her last course and I will put the last mark onto her transcript.  This completion of so many years of work is the major highlight of this week, but there are others. Some of us went to see the Magna Carta, the […]

Bunny, Homeschool Thoughts, and Books

Imagine sitting on a verandah rocking chair, surrounded by greenery and birdsong, while cuddling a bunny and chatting with a daughter…rejoicing in the knowledge that this is currently the best possible use of my time.  Bunbun, our new little friend, has added so much joy to our lives! Ottawa’s Sunset Ceremonies were spectacular:  the world […]

Homeschool Year: Finished!

We thought it would never, ever happen, but it finally has. As of today Miss 12’s and Miss 15’s school year is finished! And what next? Pool time. Hanging out. Friends. Staycation. Ice cream. Good books. Music. Nature. Basket balls and badminton. Good food. Camp fires in the back yard. Laughter. Movies. Adventures. But not […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Almost Finished!

We are inching towards the end of the school year and hope to finish it by the end of next week. Sometimes progress seems so slow, but this morning Miss 12 completed more in one hour than she does in a normal, hair-pulling day!  And all just so she could play her Saturday computer game!  […]

Rescued Birds, Learning, Books, and God’s Goodness

  Have you ever noticed that in the best children’s books most of the action happens outside school?  That’s one of the advantages of homeschooling, and we experienced it again this month. Miss 12 spent hours caring for an injured wild turkey that she found on one of her walks.  It did die, but she […]

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