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Weekly Wrap Up

Winter, Homeschooling without Mom, and a Family Reunion (Weeks 21 and 22)

This past week we had some real winter in Ontario, with temperatures down to -30 C and half a meter of snow—except on the roof where it took my husband two hours to clear away drifts that were a full meter high.  I, however, was at a family reunion on the prairies and missed it […]

Life, Learning, and Books (Weeks 18, 19, and 20)

Our beautiful amaryllis has been blooming and blooming.  And now Miss 18’s is ready to start!  To misquote Edith Schaeffer, there is something very wholesome about having one’s mind full of the question of whether or not the amaryllis bud has opened. Actually, Mrs. Schaeffer was writing about lettuces coming up, which makes me think of […]

Back to School (Weeks 16 and 17)

Life From running around in shorts and bare feet on Christmas Eve (in Ontario!) to blankets of snow and ice, we have enjoyed the last month.  Holidays, decorations, special food…and then back to schoolwork.  But, schoolwork or not, the fire still glows warmly, and there are still large cups of tea, good books, conversations on […]

Swearing In, Bunbun, and Books (Weeks 12, 13)

We had the amazing privilege of attending the swearing-in ceremony of a new Member of Parliament.  Although it was a unique homeschooling moment, it was so much more than that and I don’t think we will ever forget it.   Neither will the staff, I think, for our group sang ‘O Canada’ with a gusto they […]

Reading Week, Music, Crafts, and More (Week 11)

We had our annual Reading Week, and it was such a joy!  In one sense it’s a week off from regular schoolwork, and we enjoyed that.  Not that schoolwork didn’t get done; Miss 15 did a lot of it, and I took advantage of the breathing space to plan ahead a bit.  Also, our three-week […]

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