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A Ducky Walk, Almost to the End of the Rideau Trail

This was it,  the big walk in which we would reach the Ottawa end of the Rideau Trail.  Miss 8 had chosen sparkling peach-grape juice and we had little plastic wine glasses for a big celebration when we reached the marker at the end.  First, though, we watched the ducks.    Mr. Mallard was not […]

Rideau Trail Walk #14

We walked the Rideau Trail along a treacherous stretch of the Ottawa River where the water is too turbulent to freeze. Although it was unseasonably warm, the wind coming off the river was cold and chilly. I wore a wool hat and earmuffs, although some of my children kept insisting it was warm…and Mr. 15 […]

Rideau Trail Walks #12 and 13

When we left the house for walk 12 we were in such a rush that we all forgot our cameras.  It was a pretty walk, between the Ottawa River a residential area.  Part of the trail was along a fitness path, with interesting exercise stations along the way.  We also walked on a high path with […]

Rideau Trail Walks 9 and 10

Because of rain, we  did not take any pictures of our our ninth Rideau Trail walk.  That is too bad, because it was probably the most scenic section of all our walks, with a little lake, iced over, and a mysterious log cabin covered with pine branches.  Hopefully we’ll go back someday with a camera. Two days […]

Rideau Trail Walk #8

Although we?ve been walking the Rideau Trail, I haven?t been posting about it.  Here are pictures of a long trek we made at the end of November. Although most winter landscapes have drab colors, sumac adds a brilliant splash of red.  The other splash of color came from ugly Keep Out signs for an adjacent […]

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