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100 Species Challenge

Fighting Quack Grass—and Sin

Every spring I come face to face with weeds in our garden. There are the little ones, easy to uproot and get rid of. And then there’s quack grass. In the early spring it looks beautifully lush, soft, and green. It is possible to pull isolated clumps out, the ones that started from last year’s […]

Weekly Wrap-Up: Nature, Learning, and Books

In my life these weeks… Spring, gardening, walks, playing in the ice cold river, wild flowers, a March for Life, and more.  It has been a busy time, but we’ve enjoyed so much.  We even visited an organic farm that had cows, sheep, and goats with bells on! In our homeschool … Mr. 18 is […]

Red Water Pompom: Hydrachna geographica

This morning, after a bit of garden work, preparing for the next batch of meat chicks, and filling the dehydrator with lovage, Mr. 17, Miss 9, and I went for a walk down the almost-dry river bed.   We took the dogs along, which was fine until Miss 9 wanted to catch tadpoles in one of the […]

Halfway Through the Summer: Some Highlights

We’re halfway through the summer, and rather than moan about it, we’ll celebrate by sharing a few highlights of the past weeks.  I’ve got all sorts of beautiful, cute, and funny pictures of the kids, but since my husband doesn’t want any of our pictures online, I can’t share them.  That’s too bad,  but I […]

Red Admiral Butterfly on Apricot Blossom

Over a dozen Red Admiral butterflies, as well as Tortoise Shell butterflies, honey bees, and bumblebees were drinking nectar from the blossoms of our Manchurian apricot tree.  The entire tree was buzzing and fluttering.  What an incredible world our God has made! For more photos of winged creatures, visit Nature Footsteps Winged, and for more […]