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52 Books in 52 Weeks

Review: Take My Hand Again

Not only are our children growing older, but so are our parents.  And, while the children are becoming more independent, the parents may be becoming more dependent.  That is the way life works in our broken world. It’s not easy, this business of our parents growing older.  It is difficult emotionally, of course.  But there […]

Review: Discovering the 5 Love Languages at School

You have probably heard about Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages and how they can transform relationships.  This simple concept suggests that people give and feel love in 5 main ways or ‘languages’: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, gifts, touch. Once people understand the concept that some of these ‘languages’ will make an individual person […]

Review: Blind Spots by Collin Hansen

Sometimes nice, godly people get upset with other people who do not share their vision for the church or for how we ought to serve our Lord Jesus.  Their assumption is that they are right and that the other people don’t care, are not committed, or are wrong. According to Collin Hansen in his recent […]

Review: Tales from the Circle C Ranch by Susan K. Marlow

Spunky horse-loving Andrea Carter has the run of Circle C ranch in 1800’s California and gets into adventure after adventure with her horse Taffy, her brothers, and her friends.  Her horse is truly special, her brothers save the day regularly, and she does her best to do so too.   From little Andi wanting to wear […]

Review: Against the Flow by John Lennox

Rick Warren says he reads everything John Lennox writes.  That is now my goal too, and each Lennox book I’ve read has taught me so much. John Lennox, mathematics professor at Oxford, has spent years demonstrating that believing in God not only makes sense but is actually more compatible with physical reality is than atheism […]

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