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Review: The Camp X Series by Eric Walters

A while ago I reviewed Camp X by Eric Walters. That page-turner was the first of a series of World War II books for young people that ranges from Ontario to Bermuda to England. Here I present mini-reviews of the rest of the books in the series. Camp X: Camp 30 For their safety, George, Jack, […]

Review: Cartier Finder of the St. Lawrence by Ronald Syme

Young Jacques Cartier, fishing the Grand Banks of Newfoundland with his father, was curious about the land he saw westward, but no one else was interested.  They just wanted to catch cod and go home. When Cartier grew up and became captain on his own ship, he no longer wanted to fish in the cold […]

Review: The Boy in the Picture by Ray Argyle

  All Canadians know the photograph of the Driving of the Last Spike, the historic moment signifying completion of the great railway that Canada’s confederation was built on.  But look closely at the picture.  Who’s that boy right in the middle of all the dignitaries, behind the one driving the spike? He’s Edward Mallandaine, known […]

Review: Camp X by Eric Walters

When their father went off to war, George, Jack and their mother, Mrs. Braun, moved to Whitby Ontario.  After all, there was no way they could run the farm without him.  Mrs. Braun took a job in the huge local munitions factory and, in the summer vacation of 1943, there was no one to take care […]

Review: And Tomorrow the Stars: The Story of John Cabot by Kay Hill

Young Giovanni Caboto of Genoa cared for nothing but boats, but he was sent off to Venice to live with his uncle, a wealthy spice merchant.   There, together with his new friend Michiele, he studied at the monastery and was especially fascinated by geography and exploration.   When he got into trouble he was thrilled with […]