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Holiday Highlights

Vacation Wrap Up

In our lives these weeks… We’ve been to Manitoba and now we are back home, after 5900 km.  We enjoyed precious hours with extended family, with countless conversations, walks, games, and meals, and hours of play in and out of the water.  Our memories are full of people, wildlife, waves, and the endless tree-carpeted hills of […]

A Sweet Beginning to Summer Holidays

Last Friday, when our school year ended, it was time to celebrate the beginning of summer holidays. We had a special treat waiting in the fridge, our annual springtime cherry splurge, so I got that ready. Then the kids said that holidays are about cribbage, so they got the cards and the cribbage board out. And that’s how […]

Five Thoughts for Valentine’s Day

Your spouse is your friend.  Contrary to modern opinion which often pits husband against wife, that’s the way it can and should be.  My Beloved and My Friend by Hal and Melanie Young (link to my review), discusses and explains this concept.  You can read an excerpt of the book here or get a flavor […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Christmas Break

In our life these weeks… The break seems like a blur of happy times, get-togethers, gifts, good food (including chocolate), arctic weather, snow, movies, and reading—and, for my husband, lots of work. Miss 16 sewed me a beautiful apron, and Miss 11 sewed matching aprons for herself and a cousin. We had so much snow […]

Merry Christmas

May the Lord bless you and give you a wonderful Christmas together with your family. May you remember the amazing gift of grace God gave us when He sent our Lord Jesus to this earth to die for our sins. What a cause for grateful celebration and feasting!

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