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Holiday Highlights

Weeds, Whirlwinds, Projects, and More

All my gardening life, I’ve managed to keep ahead of the weeds using a combination of diligent effort and Amy Dacyczyn’s simple advice to stir up the soil every week. This summer, we’re struggling just to get out the weeds out before they go to seed, and I’m not sure we will even manage that. […]

Projects, Books, Everyday Life, and Wonderful Encouragement

Right now, Mr. 20 is taking his three younger sisters out for Chinese food. The girls, especially Miss 15, are thrilled, and so am I. It is such a joy when siblings love and enjoy each other! Earlier in the week some of us were suffering from headaches, sore throats, and dizziness, but with good […]

Turtle Trauma, Waterpark, Charlotte Mason on Reading Multiple Books

Even before the door slammed shut I knew something was very wrong. Miss 12 had taken the dogs for a walk to our small river, and while they were playing in the water, she used stepping stones to get to a small island. Except one of the ‘stones’ she stepped on was really an enormous […]

Gardening, Shakespeare, Books, and Summer Goal

Well, we’re gardening after all.  At first it seemed we had neither the time nor the energy, but when I was reminded of the enormous value of gardening (health, exercise, mood, food, outside time, together time), we literally dug in.  Isn’t that the way things always go?  Until we see great value in an activity, […]

Magna Carta, Finishing Grade 12, and More

Miss 17 has almost completed her homeschool career!  Today she hopes to finish her last course and I will put the last mark onto her transcript.  This completion of so many years of work is the major highlight of this week, but there are others. Some of us went to see the Magna Carta, the […]

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