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Winter’s Beginning

Sunday morning, some of the ‘raindrops’ did not fall, but tumbled and drifted in the wind, the winter’s first attempt at snow. Our fire is burning and we have cups of tea standing around and there’s the promise of soup for lunch.  We make the extra effort to focus on warmth and coziness, sleep in […]

One Flag for Each Canadian Baby Aborted Every Year

In every crowd cheering at a hockey game, listening to a concert, or running a marathon, people are missing. Our country is full of empty spaces, and so are our lives.   In fact, in all of Canada, over three million people are missing, nameless, and forgotten. These people have never laughed or cried or seen […]

The Best is Yet to Come

I talked to a dear mom about her son’s cancer. Three days ago they discovered it is back, aggressively.  I had called to comfort her, but she ended up comforting and inspiring me instead.  “God has everything under control,” says this woman who has faced more in the last few years than most of us face […]

Ladybug Infestation

This is outside.  Mr. 19 vacuumed up hundreds of ladybugs inside the house, too.  It seemed as though they were just appearing out of thin air! They are beautiful, but when (not if) they get squashed in a door, they leave bright orange stains and a terrible smell.  They also fly about and get tangled […]

Frost Pictures

Last night we had the winter’s first frost, late but severe.  We had picked all we could and covered most other things, except the raspberries.

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