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Noticing Miracles

Life is full of miracles, but we so seldom see them.  Especially when daily details discourage us, dragging our eyes downward, or pain stuns us, blinding us to blessings. Yes, it is so easy to focus on everything but the good gifts God gives us, on the irritating, the mundane, the horrifying, or even the […]

Just a Glass of Water, and a Smile

Recently, during an exceedingly difficult afternoon, a stranger kindly asked me if I needed anything.  A glass of water, perhaps? I hadn’t realized I was thirsty, but he had.  He saw the need for water—and the need for encouragement—and provided both. Just a simple glass of water.   Just an encouraging, compassionate smile. But it added […]

Catch Up, My Goal for 2016

Some years I have very lofty goals.  Other years, and 2016 is one of them, my goals are much more mundane. In 2016 my goal is to catch up: to catch up on all the things I have started that need finishing, and to decide which ones not to finish, to find more effective ways […]

Review: Irreplaceable: What is Family?

Everyone knows something is wrong with the family these days.  But what? Tim Sisarich travelled all over the world to answer this question.  He spoke to experts, interviewed prisoners, ordinary parents, and many others, and shared his own story as he searched for an answer.  Irreplaceable, the resulting documentary, starts with the basic question, “What […]

Review: S-x Matters by Jonathan McKee

(I am so sorry, but to avoid the internet filters that wise people install, I need to alter the spelling of a crucial word.  Needing to do so is symptomatic both of our sick society and of the difficulties of dealing with it wisely.  Hopefully McKee’s book will help our families with the latter.) Recently […]

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