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Review: Surfing the Net: Science

These days it is important to know how to search the internet effectively. Surfing the Net: Science is designed to teach this skill early enough to benefit a student’s whole school career. Aimed at grades 3-6, Surfing the Net: Science teaches science based on standards in most US states, but its primary focus is to teach students […]

Review: A Vine-Ripened Life by Stanley D. Gale

We live because of Christ, and we bear fruit by abiding in him. Those are fundamental facts of life for Christians. But what does ‘bearing fruit’ mean in practical, everyday life? And how, exactly, is that related to abiding in Christ? A Vine-Ripened Life discusses this by exploring Galatians 5:22, 23:  “But the fruit of […]

Review: Mendeleyev’s Dream by Paul Strathern

From ancient Greece through centuries of alchemy to the modern periodic table, Mendeleyev’s Dream traces the history of chemistry with fascinating mini-biographies.  We learn about Thales of Miletus who fell off a cliff while stargazing; Henning Brand who fermented and distilled vats of urine to isolate phosphorus, the first new element; Boyle, the founder of […]

Review: The Good News About Marriage by Shaunti Feldhahn

We all know those ‘facts’ about marriage:  half of all marriages fail, most marriages are unhappy, it takes years of painful work to fix a bad marriage, remarriages are unlikely to succeed, and Christians’ divorce rates are the same as unbelievers’. What if these ideas were not true?  What if they were based on misunderstanding […]

Bible Narratives for Ages 10-15

Recently a mom asked me to recommend good quality Bible stories for her 10-15 year old children.  Since it is crucial for everyone to read and understand the Bible, I have put together an annotated resource list suitable for this age and for new Christians…and for everyone else who wants a narrative approach to the […]

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