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Weekly Wrap Up: Almost Finished!

We are inching towards the end of the school year and hope to finish it by the end of next week. Sometimes progress seems so slow, but this morning Miss 12 completed more in one hour than she does in a normal, hair-pulling day!  And all just so she could play her Saturday computer game!  […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Summer Holidays

In my life this week… This was the week of the thunderstorm!  Day after day after day.  So the river is deep, and we put on our life jackets and went floating down it several times.  Now the current is so fast that it is no longer a safe thing to do, especially for little […]

Is Post-Secondary Education Worth It In Canada?

William Bennett, former US Secretary of Education, addressed this question for US students in his latest book:  Is College Worth It?  Because US tuition and student debt are spiraling out of control, many graduates cannot afford to get married, have children, have a stay-at-home parent, or buy a house, often for years after graduation. So, […]

The Pantry Principle or Some Reasons Why I Don’t Plan Menus

People are always talking about menu plans.  Making them for a month, checking them before going shopping, how wonderful they are, and so on.  They say menu plans save time, money, and energy.  I’ve thought about it (rather defensively, I admit), and have come up with some reasons why we do not make menu plans. […]

Winter Sleep

In the winter, our whole family seems to need more sleep.  We go to bed earlier, get up later, and repeat.  Daily.  And yearly. Now, I know we’re not the only ones.  In fact, I’ve heard that this is a normal physiological response to winter.  I’m so thankful that we can just rest as we […]

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