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Our Annual Reading Week

“Mama!  We have more than a hundred books waiting for us at the library,” announced  Miss 10 early this morning.  Mr. 17 looked up from the news on his cell phone, shocked.  It is, objectively-speaking, a large number of library books, but this is, after all, our annual Reading Week. What’s Reading Week?  Well, one week […]

Weekly Wrap-Up: Reading Week

In my life this week…Books, books, and more books. In our homeschool this week… Besides entering a Remembrance Day contest and working on their NaNoWriMo projects, the children read.  Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… If you’ve never tried a reading week, do.  It’s a great break for everyone and can jumpstart all sorts […]

Reading Week

“I hate school,” said Miss 11 earlier this fall.  “I never have any time to read anymore.  All I can manage is one book a day!”  We laughed about it with our librarian and now we’re laughing again, for a different reason:  this week she’ll be able to read as much as she can. One […]

Reading Week

Well, last week was our annual reading week.  We took hundreds of books out of the library, read many of them, and also really exercised our right to start a book and then decide it wasn’t for us.  It was a wonderful adventure, one that we look forward to every year. We would have spent […]

Reading Week

  We’re still getting well, with sniffling and coughing and long nights in bed.  I don’t think it was the flu, since we had no fever…or perhaps all the vitamins and garlic helped more than we imagined.     This week is scheduled to be our annual reading week.  Sure, the children will work ahead a […]

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