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Review: Simon with Two Left Feet by Angela Narth

“Simon is a loveable, clumsy young Canada goose who trips over his feet when first learning to fly.”  One thing leads to the next, and soon Simon believes the other geese who tell him he’s not only clumsy but also unwanted.  Rejected, he learns flying skills by watching the lessons from a distance, and he […]

Review: Anno’s Math Books

It is very difficult to find living math books that present complex topics in an accessible way. One math author whose books we have learned to love is Mitsumasa Anno. Anno believes “that mathematics is more than merely manipulating numbers, it is a way of thinking, and that it has bearing on all scholastic subjects, […]

Remembrance Week Review: The Sweet Potato

Join a grandfather peeling potatoes for a family gathering as he relives scenes from his Dutch childhood.  At first he had been happy, well-fed, and secure, sailing wooden-shoe boats in puddles and working in the potato fields with his dear father. Then, in 1940, life changed.  The streets were full of dark uniforms. Trucks roared […]