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Review: WordUp!

Sometimes we moms need to introduce something new and different into our homeschool days. This fall is like that for us, and one of the new things we’re trying is Word Up, a vocabulary program from Compass Classroom. Usually we do not use vocabulary programs, relying instead on enormous amounts of reading to increase our […]

MathScore, EduFighter, and our Family

We have used MathScore off and on for years, and now we have also tried out its new game EduFighter.  As I wrote in an earlier review, MathScore is a drill program that’s all about math, instead of being mathematical entertainment.  Entertainment is fine in its place, but a good, solid math drill program that goes […]

Kids’ Books, Creativity, and the 20 Percent Rule

I love kids’ books, especially picture books and nonfiction.  In fact, I’m convinced there’s no better way to learn the fundamentals of anything than to check out books from the children’s section of the library. Not only do you learn the basics of your topic without having to wade through the politics and posturing of […]

Review: Bible Detective by Peter Martin and Peter Kent

The Bible is full of words, and that’s the way God meant it to be.  But for us and our children, living at a different time and in a very different culture, pictures help make Bible times come alive. Bible Detective by Peter Martin and well-known illustrator Peter Kent contains 17 action-packed illustrations full of […]

Review: MathBlaster

MathBlaster, an award-winning 3D virtual world by Knowledge Adventure, aims to blend learning and entertainment by inspiring minds through immersed play. This is how MathBlaster describes their program for ages 6-12:  “…as new recruits at the prestigious Blaster Academy, kids will play arcade-style math games and race through high-speed missions with the help of a […]

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