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This Year’s Seedlings

This evening we were finally ready to finish planting our seedlings.  We have 10 geraniums, 10 stevias,  8 tiny tim tomatoes, scores of petunias and hot peppers, as well as hundreds of oregano, tomato, marigold, and winter savory plants. 

The geraniums are already up and each one is growing its second true leaf with its crescent of dark color on the green.  This is our first year starting them, and we chose bright red ones.  I just hope our dog won’t want to eat them.  He sniffed the yellow crocus flowers suspiciously and then left them alone, perhaps because they were buzzing with bees.

Our stevia, which is apparenlty difficult to germinate, is also coming up.  We have it and the hot peppers on top of the fridge which is a fairly warm place in our home.  The hot peppers are not up yet, but they are always a bit later than our tomatoes.  When we don’t put them on the fridge, they don’t germinate at all.

My 11 year old daughter wanted purple and blue petunias, instead of the hot pink I always like, so we got both and now they are tiny delicate things on her window sill.    Last  year she counted the hot pink flowers in our pots daily, until she reached 100 blooms from her 7 plants.  After that she stopped counting and just enjoyed. Perhaps this year we’ll have a thousand flowers!

My IT department (that is, my 13 year old son) is having some issues downloading pictures from my camera, but  I’ve got something better than pictures of our seedlings to share with you.  These lovely little videos show corn and radish seeds sprouting. 

Enjoy, and see you on Thursday!


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  1. Canadagirl says:

    Thank you soooooooo much for sharing this ! I re-linked you to the most recent Tightwad Tuesday. [0= I really hope you share pics in the future with us all.

    Blessings in Him<><


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