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To Work or To Think, That is the Question


In his master’s thesis years ago, a friend acknowledged his supervisor, Dr. P., and the departmental lab technician, G.R., with a statement so profound it has been hanging up in my home ever since.  He thanked



“…G. R. who showed me that a minute of work can save an hour of thought and Dr. P. who showed me that a minute of thought can save an hour of work…”


This intriguing notion has the potential to add hours to our days, but the question is, when is it best to think, and when is it best to work? 


Sometimes I solve the problem by doing a mindless task while carefully planning the next one.  Sometimes I just ignore the whole concept and muddle on aimlessly.  And occasionally there is the exhilaration of proving the statement true and saving large amounts of time by a strategic action or thought.


I wish you much wisdom as you prayerfully consider what is best to do at any given moment.


See you tomorrow for another Tea Time with Annie Kate.



  1. 2boysmom says:

    Interesting quote. I often think much more than I work! And I've often thought that if I just did the job I was thinking about – I'd be done!

    Thanks for making me think:)

  2. AnnieKate says:

    Yep! I know exactly what you mean.

    Yet I often also realize that if only I'd thought before I did something, I would have saved so much time and energy! It seems to go both ways.

    Annie Kate

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think a related corollary to this would be "Measure Once, Cut Twice; Measure Twice, Cut Once." It's especially true in sewing and woodworking. Don't ask me how I finally learned this 🙂

    Have a great day,



  4. LarabaK says:

    Oh, I like that!

    I know for me, I sometimes do need to just start working as I will wind myself into a knot trying to decide WHICH thing I should do first, and how to do it best.

    However, I've certainly been guilty of working mindlessly and wasting a lot of time. It is a balance, and that comes out in that quote.

  5. jenn4him says:

    Makes me think! Thanks.


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