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Annie Kate’s Disclosure Policy


Several times I have mentioned that none of the books, products, or homeschool resources linked in this blog make me any money.  There are two reasons for this: 

  • A lack of time and energy to figure out how to set up any of those money-making systems, and
  • A wish to make it perfectly clear that all posts represent my own honest opinions, not the opinions of my wallet.


There are two kinds of reviews I do, as mentioned in a previous post. 

  • Reviews about books that I choose from our own shelves, or from the library’s shelves.  I review these books because they are great and I want other people to enjoy them as well.
  • Reviews about products that I receive specifically to review.  In other words, the company sends me a resource so that I will be able to study it, use it, and then tell others about it.  In this case, I obviously am given the resource; otherwise I couldn’t tell anyone else about it. 



In either case, I share what the resource is like, how I use it, what I think of it, and where to get it.  There is no obligation or incentive for me to sell anyone anything, and all thoughts expressed are my own honest opinions. 


In fact, I do both my readers and the company a favour by pointing out under what circumstances a resource would not be a suitable choice for a family.  This way my readers will not be encouraged to spend money if a resource will probably not work for them, and the company will not get a bad name from people who tried their products and did not like them.


As mentioned earlier most of the homeschool resources I receive to review will be through the TOS Homeschool Crew at least for the next school year.  All reviews will make it clear whether I received the product to review, or whether I already owned it. In earlier reviews this was usually mentioned, although not in the form of a legal disclosure. 


If you have any questions about this disclosure policy or about an individual review, please contact me.


This disclosure policy was developed with the help of DisclosurePolicy.  



  1. FaithfulGrace says:

    Thank you for writing this entry, it is a great reminder that I need to write one as well.

    Hope your summer is going well.



  2. LarabaK says:

    I love reviews!

    Thanks for your recent blog comments on my blog. Yes, I think the Bluedorn book will just be for our eldest (almost 10) and me to work through together. The youngers aren't ready. That list was for all the kids so not each child will do everything on that list.

    I wish we didn't have to file either, but it isn't too bad. Pennsylvania, one state over, has the most onerous homeschool laws in the nation. We're happy with the Ohio laws.

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