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Simple Joys: Picking Raspberries


After a busy day of homeschooling, I love to walk out to the raspberry patch, swinging a gallon pail.  Any bad or buggy berries go to our birds, so the ducks quack stridently, demanding their treat as they see me coming.  The chickens crowd along the fence and murmur expectantly and peacefully.  I’m always amazed at the personality differences between ducks and chickens.


Our fall raspberries, though late, are finally producing and each huge, luscious berry glows in the afternoon sunlight.  The canes are taller than I am, weighed down with fruit, so picking is a prickly business.  Since my gardening boots, a quarter century old, are bright red, I often am fooled into imagining a particularly tasty bunch of berries on a cane down by my feet.  After half an hour or more in the sunshiney raspberry thicket, I stroll back to the house, peaceful, scratched, and oh, so thankful for my little escape to bliss. 


May God bless your weekend, and thanks for joining me for Tea Time.



  1. jenn4him says:

    We have a huge raspberry bushes, so I know your pain. Actually, my daughter is the picker. I send her out with a bucket and it comes back empty though. She fills it up, but then eats them. I don't mind. She gets her reward. 🙂

    As for glue…I usually use double sided sicky tape the kind for scrapbooking.

    Blessings to you.


  2. solidrock says:

    Oh to have a berry patch! Brings back childhood memories so very much as you have written it. And yes chickens are so much more polite than ducks!

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