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IMAX Films on DVD


Every few years, I take the children to see an IMAX film.  These experiences are amazing and overwhelming.  The huge screen, the loud, loud sound, and the stunning photography immerse us in parts of God’s amazing world that we’d never experience otherwise. Sometimes the film ties in with our schoolwork, but even when it does not, it’s an intense learning experience.


The downside, of course, is the cost.  Including tickets, parking, and gas, one IMAX film for the children and me costs as much half a week’s groceries.  Ouch!


Recently, we discovered that we can get DVD’s of IMAX films from the library.  Of course, our screen is not 7 stories high, nor do I allow a high volume of sound.  On the other hand, we get the IMAX film as well as extras, and we can watch it all as many times as we wish.


Last week we came home from the library with The Alps: Climb of Your Life, a stunning and dramatic presentation. A few days after viewing the movie itself,  we watched a documentary about how it was filmed, as well as some Swiss mountain videos.  The mountain videos are so beautiful that I’m planning to watch them again.


Right now we’re waiting for Everest and Amazon 


I make sure that my children include these movies on their reading lists.  IMAX movies are a wonderful geography supplement and we want these experiences documented for their official school records.


Although watching IMAX films at home is not quite as exciting as going to a colossal theatre, it is completely affordable and doesn’t tire me out for days.   I am so grateful for this manageable opportunity to learn about God’s wonderful world1


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  1. CelticMom says:

    Well, Duh!!! (mental head slap) I never thought to look for the IMAX films at the library. Sheesh. Oldest son has his volunteer shift there tonight, so maybe I'll bop in and look around. Thanks for the tip!! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. jesmicwilmom says:

    And if you are a member of Netflix, you can get these also. We have seen many of these through Netflix and the local library. Definitely a plus to the schoolday. Thanks for reminding me as we have not done these in a while.

  3. Susan @ homeschooling hearts and minds says:

    Never thought about getting IMAX films at the library, I'll definitely have to check that out. Thanks for linking to Tuesday's Toolbox…each week I wonder if it's worth continuing and then there's Annie Kate's link! It encourages me to keep going:-)

  4. solidrock says:

    We recently discovered this also.

    The new meme ( yours and mine) did not seem to fly. But I will continue to post a weekly anyway because it is helping me to be accountable. I do plan to finish the bible this year, study more each day, and spend much more time in prayer. I may join the fit mommy one that you are doing. It looks very good.

  5. proverbsmama says:

    I have never even given a thought to checking into this through the library. Thanks for mentioning it!

  6. AnnieKate says:

    I had the 'Well, duh!' response, too, when my son told me about this. LOL

    Thanks for the information about Netflix. Our library doesn't have all the IMAX films, so we're interested in finding them elsewhere.

    Annie Kate

  7. Anonymous says:

    How exciting!!!! Now we'll be able to 'go to the IMAX' when ever we want!!!


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