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Managing Our Homes Well: A Review of Molly Gets Organized



Now, I love Molly’s Digests.  There’s always inspiration and always something to learn.  I especially like the organizing articles.  You see, I want to be like the Proverbs 31 lady who manages her home well, and I have a lot to learn.


This new e-book of Molly’s, Molly Gets Organized All in One Place, contains every single one of  the organizing articles of last year’s Digests.  This is handy, convenient, and smart…but discouraging.  I’ve barely finished agreeing that, yes, I need to have a winter emergency kit in my car, before I’m told how to create a home inventory.  And on it goes.  Help!


Yes, yes, I could read only one article at a time.  In fact, I should read only one article at a time.   That would make the book less overwhelming.  But for now, I have to read it all at once to be able to tell you about it…and to chose which projects I’ll want to do later.


Even if I were to implement only five of Molly’s suggestions,  I would be so much more efficient and organized that I would feel like Super Mom.  Or at least I’d be a bit closer to the ideal of managing my home well.


Here are some of the ideas in this e-book:

  • Make sure there are emergency supplies in the car. Yes!
  • Make a photo inventory of my house for insurance purposes.  That’s been on my ‘to-do-someday’ list for several years.  I was going to do it on Saturday, but I cooked a huge supper instead—lots of tomato vegetable soup, corncakes, and two double pumpkin pies.  We had a yummy supper, and good left overs on Sunday, but that didn’t get the project done.  Oh well.
  • Organize your coupons.  I don’t do coupons.  I always end up getting fancy, expensive groceries and forgetting to use the coupon I bought them for.  Humph. 
  • How to make your own natural cleaners.  I love the natural carpet freshening product idea and the recipe for window cleaner that is said to repel insects.  How cool is that?  Flies will no longer sit on my windows.  I might spray the whole house with the stuff!
  • How to hold a successful garage sale.  That sounds very intimidating to me.  Besides, having received many of our things free from others, we tend to pass them on to friends and the Salvation Army store rather than sell them.  We also just heard of a new Bibles for Missions thrift shop we’d like to support.  But if you’re energetic and want to sell your things, Molly has ideas to help you along.
  • How to shop yard sales like a pro.  This is about buying both what you need and what you can resell for a profit.  Again, if you have the energy, this could be a wonderful idea.  In fact, this probably is a wonderful idea even if you don’t have energy.  I go to one major village-wide garage sale a year, but I’m sure I could fund my modest purchases if I shopped the Molly way.
  • How to recycle your trash into organizers.  I’m going to be using milk jugs in the garden this summer, unless we suddenly go on an ice cream eating splurge and get a lot of new ice cream pails.  (Hmmm.  I wonder what the kids would prefer?)
  • Organize your closets, garage, kitchen, mail, photos, toys, clothing, finances, bathroom, scrap booking, and e-books.  Some of these articles are wonderfully thorough guides, especially the closet article.  Others are more inspirational and less how-to oriented.
  • Organize your recipes online.  No kidding!  Ten years ago, this idea would have been considered pure science fiction, but it sounds as though it will work.  I love the idea of doing this for a growing-up daughter, but I don’t think I’ll get around to it anytime soon.
  • How to organize your papers. There’s a wonderful tip about storing our children’s school things.  That’s my Monday project with Miss 7 while the other children are away.  Together we’ll set up a binder for all the things she’s done this year.  It’s such a pity to lose all of her treasures!



There are also articles on refinishing furniture, simple and creative storage solutions, organizing financial files, setting up a hot beverage station, making a home décor binder,  having a stress-free holiday season, and more,  as well as printable forms for grocery lists, gift lists, and Christmas card lists.  And, of course, there are links to helpful sites throughout the e-book.


Molly Gets Organized contains so much!  Of course, I should not expect to do it all at once, as I subconsciously did earlier. That’s a sure path to discouragement.  I want to make a kiddie binder with Miss 7 first, and then photograph our possessions for insurance purposes, once Miss 17 returns home from her dairy holiday with my camera.  I’m also putting a note in my calendar to look at the book next month and see what I want to do then.  And in the summer I’m making insect repellent window washing spray.


As usual, there’s a nugget of wisdom tucked into all of Molly’s practical information.

…organization isn’t an end in itself.  Organization is just a tool, a setting in place of systems to make our everyday lives run more smoothly.  Being organized will definitely make family life more productive and more pleasant.  But it’s a journey—not a destination.


Wishing you a happy journey!


If you did not get last year’s Digests and are looking forward to an organized 2010, you can download Molly Gets Organized All in One Place for $7.95 US.



Disclosure Policy:   I received Molly Gets Organized All in One Place for free so that I could review it.  Note that I do not make any money if you buy an Econobuster product.  I considered becoming an affiliate, but I decided not to get my reviewing mixed up with money-making.   This way it’s much easier for me to remain objective, and I’ll concentrate money-saving instead, using Molly’s tips.


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