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Reviews: Molly

Molly Saves! While Keeping Healthy and Fit

If you always enter the New Year with evaluations of the past and prayerful dreams for the future, you’ll love Molly Saves!  While Keeping Healthy and Fit.  Molly addresses health goals as well as many other goals and gives specific resources to help you achieve them.  Learn about kettlebells, exercise balls, peanut butter smoothies, superfoods, […]

Review: Molly Saves! In the Powder Room

This month Molly saves in the bathroom, but she also addresses other interesting topics such as making broth from bones (which really does produce the best soup and is frugal to boot), a delicious meal, holiday pet safety (from tinsel to electrical cords and chocolate), and showing kids how to compare the cost of store-bought […]

Review: Molly Saves in the Laundry Room

This month Molly focusses on the laundry, but of course she talks about other things as well:  traditional turkey side dishes, a delicious meal of the month (scrumptious dessert!), pet first-aid kits, cold and flu tips, beating holiday stress, and much more.  I like the Tightwad Training Camp hands-on lesson showing just how much you […]

Review: Molly Saves in the Dining Room

In most families, there’s a lot going in the dining room.  However, the rest of life is also important, and I love Molly’s reminder to plant bulbs.  Selecting new bulbs,  one of my favourite fall activities, helps reconcile me to the colder weather that is coming. As for the dining room, this Digest is full of information.  From […]

Review: Molly Saves in the Family Room

Since we don’t even have a family room, this month’s Digest seemed a bit irrelevant at first.  But as I started to read, its emphasis on family time captivated me. Molly’s goal this month is to help us find inexpensive family fun that doesn’t cost a lot, in a comfortable room that doesn’t break the […]