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Review: Molly Saves in the Family Room

Since we don’t even have a family room, this month’s Digest seemed a bit irrelevant at first.  But as I started to read, its emphasis on family time captivated me. Molly’s goal this month is to help us find inexpensive family fun that doesn’t cost a lot, in a comfortable room that doesn’t break the bank to decorateAnd it was nice to discover that our living room also qualifies as a family room.

From roasting peanuts at home to nibbling homemade chex mix (and there’s even a gluten-free version), family fun does not need to be expensive.  Molly shares links for decorating the family room, ideas for frugal fun, and several games. 

Elinor Joyce shows how she made her living room suit her family’s lifestyle by finding and repurposing exactly the right coffee table for puzzles, meals with crowds, and more.

KerriAnn Foster shares a delicious meal of the month, complete with shopping list and recipes.  It’s yummy, can be made ahead, is special enough for guests, and can easily be adapted for dairy and gluten-free diets.

Assuming that we want to buy more games, books, and electronic equipment for our family room, Molly gives tips for obtaining them without overspending.  She also addresses the question of finishing and refurnishing the family room.

We have three dogs and occasionally we wonder if one of them needs emergency vet care.  Since my far-away brother is a vet, we can always get an expert opinion, but it’s good to read the Econobuster vet’s list of hints, suggestions and cautions in “Can This Wait or Not?”

In “Tightwad Training Camp,” Molly shows how budgets can help you find extra fun money.  Once your young tightwads know what they want, they may discover that less expensive options will meet their needs very well, freeing up money for extras.

Sharon White loves repurposing and crafting.  This month she shows how she made a storage table from an old yard sale drawer.  It’s not so much the project itself that I am interested in as the endless possibilities that arise from a creative mindset.  And the message of the drawer, chosen and reworked, reminds Sharon of how God is working in her life.

How can we best eat to boost brain power this school year?   Healthy breakfasts, lunches, and drinks can make a huge difference on how well our children—and we—think.

I have friends who get pedicures.  I don’t.  After having been very ill for several years, I am hesitant to use toxic chemicals such as nail polish and nail polish remover on my feet. Yet I would like to have soft, pretty feet like theirs, even though I do go barefoot a lot.  I was thrilled to read what Molly says about frugal footcare and the many options to soften, soothe, smooth, and beautify your feet.  

We often have people over for meals, but we rarely ‘entertain.’  I learned that distinction from my mother and other godly women.  This month Molly recommends a book that not  only emphasizes that having people over is about fellowship and fun rather than table settings and stress, but that also gives you the tools you need to pull it off. (After a busy weekend of impromptu guests, I only wish it would also chop all the veggies!)

Each month Molly has been challenging us to “Change One Thing” to benefit our families and our pocket books.  This month she discusses creating a frugal family tradition, involving food, happy times, and maybe even other people.

Those who love to send cards could make their own.  Toni Riggs discusses how she saves money on cards.  This approach would work for crafty people, but others might want to send electronic postcards from the Web Gallery of Art as I do.

Here’s a pertinent reminder that we often don’t realize until it’s too late:  “There are few things more sacred than family and the time we spend loving, encouraging, and uplifting one another.”

FREE COPY: This month I’m giving away a copy of Molly Saves in the Family Room to one of my friends or followers. Just leave me a comment if you are interested.

You can buy Molly Saves in the Family Roomhere. The Molly Membership this month includes a free download of Dreams and Designs:  Homemade Supplies to Complement Your Homeschool.

Disclosure I received a complimentary Molly Membership in order to give you my honest opinion of the September  Money-Saving Digest, which is part of the membership.

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