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Review: Molly Saves in the Closet

After our vacation, I’m eager to dive into homemaking again.  One major aspect of that involves closets and clothing…and Molly shares many tips in this latest Money-Saving Digest

Of course, Molly discusses a lot more than just clothing. How about making ice cream in 15 minutes, without an ice cream maker?  Or a scrumptious, quick, healthy, and frugal meal? Or a list of what goes on sale in August? (Hmmm.  I will need a new bathing suit soon.)  The vet discusses what to do with pets when you go on holidays, Tightwad Training Camp teaches children about profit, and we learn about summer hair care and the importance of drinking water.

And then there’s everything you needed to know about the closet and its contents. There are links for making, repairing, or re-making clothing.  There’s an article that gives practical tips for saving on clothing but points out it’s our attitude that counts and makes the difference.  If you can spare a closet, there’s a wonderful closet-to-office makeover example (with lots of inspiration for those of us who just need to streamline our desks).  And there are many tips on filling your closet with quality apparel without spending much at all.

I’ve been thinking a lot about being a manager lately, especially when I find myself going back and forth across our three acre property during family garden time, supervising, encouraging, checking up, and teaching my children, all the while planning what needs to be done next and by whom.  Although I’d rather just sit in my garden and weed peacefully, that won’t get the job done, nor will it get the children trained.  I was, therefore, excited to see that this month Molly recommends a book about mom’s role as a family manager, and I can’t wait to read it. 

Finally, to ensure that goals turn into actions, Molly has included several anti-procrastination quotes.  My favorite, by Peter Marshall, is, “Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.”

You can buy Molly Saves in the Closet here.  The Molly Membership this month includes a free download of HomeWork: Juggling Home, Work and School Without Losing Your Balance, a great guide for anyone considering a home business.  My review of this book, written several years ago, is available here

Disclosure I received a complimentary Molly Membership in order to give you my honest opinion of the August Money-Saving Digest, which is part of the membership. 

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