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Review: Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Deibler Rose

Darlene, a young missionary wife, was among the first white women to enter New Guinea’s interior.  However, after Pearl Harbor she and her husband Russell were forced to leave their beloved Kapauku people.  It wasn’t long before the Japanese invaded and took Russell away. 

Darlene and other missionary women, left behind, faced rats, bandits and daily threats from the Japanese, learning about faith and trust from an old missionary leader. It wasn’t until the Japanese confined them to a prison camp in the jungle that life became almost impossible, but still God was with them. He even provided moments of humor, such as when the teens in Darlene’s barracks hinted to the entire camp that their beautiful young barracks leader was a wealthy movie star.  He also provided opportunities to witness.  “Maybe,” Darlene told the prison camp commander, “God brought me to this place and this time to tell you that he loves you.”  

When she was accused of espionage, Darlene was taken away by the dreaded secret police, the Kempeitai.  Throughout the months on death row, when she was repeatedly and cruelly interrogated, all the Bible memorization that she had done filled her mind with God’s Word.  Rather than dwelling on the horrors, she dwelt on God’s surprising goodness and comfort.  And when she could no longer sense his presence, she recalled that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  She learned that her trust was to be in the unchanging person of Jesus Christ, not in her own feelings.

In time the Lord saved her from death row and much more. When the war ended Darlene returned to the United States, changed forever but still thanking God “for every storm that has wrecked me upon the Rock, Christ Jesus.”  The rest of her life was devoted to telling people about this great Savior.

Darlene Deibler Rose wrote primarily for her two sons.  “I wished them to know, if ever difficult circumstances came into their lives, that their mother’s God is still alive and very well, and His arm has never lost its ancient power!”

Many people, including Ruth Bell Graham and Kay Arthur, testify that their faith was challenged and strengthened by Evidence Not Seen.  So was mine.  I highly recommend this book.

Note: Due to its intensity and subject matter, this book is suitable for older teens and adults.  However, it does not dwell on cruelty and horror, but on God’s goodness.  Rather than filling me with despair, it drew me closer to God.

More information about Darlene, who died in 2004, and her continuing ministry is available on the Darlene Rose website

Disclosure:  I received Evidence Not Seen as a gift and was eager to tell you about it.  As usual, I receive no compensation for my reviews and my opinions are my own.

Evidence Not Seen is my 25th book in the 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge.


  1. Geraldine Williamson says:

    I love this book, Evidence Not Seen! It has definitely impacted my faith greatly. Only God could have sustained Darlene during the horrible events of captivity. She is such a great example for us women. I would recommend this book highly!

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Yes, it is an amazing book. Everyone I give it to ends up recommending it to others, so it’s not just you and me who love it.

  2. Great women of faith!! I really love this book too…

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