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Fit Mommy Friday Week #13


This weeks seems to have gone by in a blur and I’ve been forgetting to concentrate on becoming fit.   That is not a good thing, and I hope to do much better next week.


Exercising:  I took a few walks, much longer than I could manage in January.  (Smiles.)  I also did some stretching, and felt OK the next day.  (More smiles.)


Eating:  Honestly, I got so busy that I forgot about eating more vegetables, but each day we had an adequate amount.  Then last night my dear husband came home with bags full of produce and made a huge salad for an evening snack.  Yum!  (And thank you.)


Relaxing:  Did you know that blogging just before bed gives you funny dreams?  For quite a while now I’ve been trying to get Google Friend Connect up on my blog.  It just won’t work, and I spent another busy evening trying to figure out why it worked on another Homeschool Blogger blog and not on mine.  Then I spent a busy night dreaming about it…. 


Getting Back to Normal Life:  I canvassed for the Canadian Cancer Society and was not worn out afterwards.  (Smiles.)  We had company for supper one evening and went out another evening, and, though I was tired the next days, I could function.  (More smiles.)  And I scrubbed the bathroom a bit, and wasn’t exhausted afterwards.  (Lots of smiles and a clean bathroom.)


Planning for Next Week:

  • A walk or two every day.
  • More yummy salads
  • No blogging just before bed, and no obsessing over spring cleaning.  Spending more time doing fun homeschool things rather than traditional ones. 
  • Spring cleaning in tiny steps.


You can visit Fit Mommy Friday to see how other mommies are doing.


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  1. SevenSmiths says:

    It sounds like you had a good week! I need to start making those yummy Greek salads again. Lately I've just been pouring salad out of a bag and maybe adding tomatoes and some vinagrette dressing. Maybe we should include our favorite salad recipes one week?

    And about the Google Friend Connect, I've had trouble too. I cannot seem to get it up on my site. I think there's some kind of a conflict. I should look to see what we both have on our blogs which are similar; maybe together we can figure it out!

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