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HSBlogger Side Bar Info from April

If you’re still having trouble with your side bar, perhaps a visit to Busy Minds, Busy Hands, Busy Feet will help you out.  This information has helped me!

Thanks, April!


  1. Laraba says:

    Looks good, AnnieKate! My blog is bare bones and I need to work on it one of these days, but haven’t had the energy thus far. So for now, people will have to bear with no side bars or pretty pictures. Thanks for the link to someone who can help.


  2. franbles says:

    Thank you! I may need help. I’ve chickened out of even trying so far as I don’t have the time to learn new stuff… We are enjoying some fabulous weather and as UK weather is notoriously unreliable we’re making the most of it!
    God bless you!

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