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Home Sweet Home (Business), a Molly Review

E-Book: Molly’s Money-Saving Digest—June 2010


Molly’s been putting out her Money Saving Digests for a year and a half, and occasionally I wonder what more she can say about frugality.  Well, this month she addresses the other side of the frugality equation.  Instead of talking exclusively about thriving on less, she discusses making money from home.  The June Digest, entitled Home Sweet Home (Business) has all the usual features, with an emphasis on setting up simple, family-friendly ways to earn a little bit of extra money on the side.

“Beginning with the Basics” is about summery salads of all types.  I’m intrigued by the potato salad without mayonnaise and inspired by some of the other recipes like the gelatin salad.  All of the recipes are great for hot days since they are cool to make as well as to eat.

“Tools and Tips for Organization” includes business-oriented forms for young people, those interested in setting up a home business, and those who already have a business.

The “Feather your Nest Frugally”  feature this month, making decorative tassels, is something I’d never be interested in, but there are many people who love crafting pretty little luxuries for their home.  The costs of the project are minimal, and the instructions are detailed.

As usual, there’s a week’s worth of yummy supper menus, complete with shopping lists.  What’s unusual is that these recipes are the top selections of a talented homeschooling mom who runs a small catering business from home.  “Cooking for your family should never be considered a chore but an art,” she says.  Looking at the tortilla pie recipe, the steak salad, or the chicken and pesto pie, I can see what she means.

The “Kids’ Corner” discusses making business cards and flyers and gives young entrepreneurs some valuable tips and links.  This section may be meant for kids, but if I were to set up a business, I’d find it very useful; after all, mommy entrepreneurs also need business cards and more. (Smile.)

“Something Old, Something New” has an incredible tote made entirely from recyclable materials.  The author feels that many recycling efforts seem to forget that God made the world beautiful and that we should not clutter it up with ugliness.  In fact, she points out that God is glorified when we do our best for Him.  Well, her tote made from plastic grocery bags and plastic lids is certainly a testimony to her philosophy…and it only cost her a bit of masking tape!  Other beautiful projects include a purse, coasters, and a watermelon bowl, all made from things most of us would toss into the recycling bin.

 In Part 1 of the feature article “Home Sweet Home (Business)”  five home entrepreneurs are asked the questions a newbie asks a successful business owner.  Some of the businesses are small, some wildly successful and time consuming. In Part 2 business kids are interviewed, and Part 3 has lists of home businesses and other helpful information.  This information is great if you’re considering setting up a home business.

“My Story” this month is about the two founders of Activity Bags LLC.  These moms saw a need in their own family and unexpectedly found themselves to be business owners and writers.  They discuss their friendship and partnership, their business, and their product line.

The June Digest is full of Titus 2 mentors sharing their wisdom.  As I was reading it and writing this review, I pondered again how blessed I am to review such inspiring and motivating material.  Molly’s final quotes include the phrase “…the work we do becomes play to us.” That’s what Molly means to me.

You can download Molly’s June Digest here for $4.95 US, or you can get a Molly Membership (it can be cancelled at any time) that includes the Digest as well as a lot more for $3.95 US.   

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary download of Molly’s June Digest in order to review it.

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