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Homeschool Highlights: Track and Field Day

After lots of rain, we finally had a beautiful day with just the right amount of sun, wind, and warmth, perfect for Track and Field day.

Miss 17 was at work, but the rest of my children joined about a hundred others for running, shot put (with a rock), long jump, and more. The kids tried hard and by noon almost everyone on the sports field had at least one ribbon with a happy smile to match, and many had a whole chest full. It was a beautiful sight. My children occasionally came running to my chair for a drink of water or to tell me about their latest accomplishment. They sure collected their share of the glowing satiny ribbons!

For lunch we all picnicked in the shade. I’ve finally mastered my husband’s buckwheat-flax quick bread (gluten free, of course), and it made yummy sandwiches.

The afternoon was reserved for cooperative games, as usual. Mr 15 was one of the team leaders and did a great job. The two hours of games included a four-way tug-of-war, a massive relay race, and a hilarious leaky cup race.

The leaky cup game is especially good for a hot day. Each team stands in a long row between a full water bucket and an empty one. Each team also has four plastic cups with holes punched in them near the bottom. The point of the game is to transfer water from the full bucket into the empty one using the leaky cups. What a lot of excitement and shouting and water spilled! And as soon as the stop whistle blew, each destination pail was surrounded by a crowd, eager to see just how well they had done. Once the water had been measured, well… it was used to cool people down, of course.

After the busy afternoon, the children were treated to a ‘cookie potluck’. Then some families went home, and some stayed behind to play soccer for a while. It had been a wonderful day for the kids as well as the moms.

Our family ended the day with our annual visit to Dairy Queen. Those yearly ice cream cones after Track and Field have become a valued family tradition.

As for school work, it’s moving along, and next week we will probably finish!

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  1. Stacy's Page says:

    One of my brothers used to run cross country. He also did track. I remember going to the meets and curling up under an afghan because it was always so cold.

    Years later, one of my nephews ran cross country. I went to many of the meets. I don’t know why, but I always found cross country fun.

    It sounds like you had a great day for it.

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