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Fit Mommy Friday

My fitness goals for this week were: 

  1. Be more systematic about exercise.  Oops!  I was totally random about it instead.
  2. Find a physiotherapist.  I think I’ve located one close by. I hope she will understand muscles that can give up for a day or more if they’re worked at all.  “Post-exertion malaise” some call it.  Or “exercise intolerance”—but most people have the mental version, not the physical one. (Grin.)  I’ll have to make her understand that my muscles, not my motivation, are the problem.
  3. Find an inexpensive source of gluten-free cornmeal.  Nope. Instead I’ve been avoiding things requiring cornmeal. That’s a simple and effective solution…but someday we will need a better one.

Other than that, here’s how the week went.

Food:  Lots of great veggies.  Lots of rice, since I don’t eat cornbread anymore.  Actually, the breakfast that gives me the most staying power is simply brown rice and chick peas.  It’s easy and yummy (with a bit of salt and pepper).  Miss 12 made yummy sorghum-based goodies:  pancakes, biscuits, and scones.  Miss 17 made delicious broccoli soup to go with the biscuits.  We also ate sauerkraut mashed potatoes mixed with browned ground beef and green peppers. It was an absolutely delicious variation on a Dutch dish called ‘stampot’ which is basically potatoes mashed with cooked vegetables. 

Exercise:  A few long walks—along the road, while grocery shopping, and in a museum—but nothing exciting like last week.  Which is probably good.  (Smile.)  Some raspberry picking, which is great for bending and stretching.  Lots of stairs, light gardening, dejunking clothing. (That means lots of folding and light lifting…and dispensing fashion advice which is not my forteAt all.)  And, believe it or not, some playing around with 5-pound hand-weights.  I was prudent, and only did two reps of each exercise, but I did every exercise I conveniently could.  Then I stretched all those muscles.  And the following day I was fine!! So perhaps the exercise intolerance is fading away!  This is very exciting.

Rest and Relaxation:  Ahh, those naps!  I actually skipped one this week, and survived quite well. That was an answer to prayer.  The rest of the week, however,  I made up for that missed nap several times over.  There are those who say that siestas are a healthy way to maximize time use.  After all, when are most people foggy and inefficient?  Right after lunch.  Invest that foggy time in a nap, they say, and you’ll be much more alert and productive the rest of the day.  It works for me.

Goals for Next Week:  Be active.  Enjoy garden produce.  Make an appointment with a  physiotherapist.  Improve my posture.  Find gluten-free cornmeal.

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  1. Leah Witmond says:

    Wow! Looks like you did really well, Annie Kate.

    And I do hope your exercise intolerance is fading away. That would be super.

  2. Briana says:

    Sounds like you had a good week! The kraut mashed potatoes sound interesting, I’ll have to try that.

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