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Fit Mommy Friday #14


It was quite a week, but a good one.


Exercise:  I went for two long walks in the woods.  We saw bloodroot flowers and dogtooth violets and a grouse,  and we tiptoed across the stream on fallen logs.  I also did some light weeding in the garden, trying to get at the weeds before they become too big for me to pull.  My shoulder is sore from some big dandelions, but other than that I feel great.  Of course, the chickens loved eating the dandelions.


Nutrition:  We did not eat quite enough vegetables. Food was, sometimes, merely an afterthought and that is not good.  In fact life was so busy that the two Little Misses and I ended up having a picnic beside a small waterfall in town because we couldn’t be home in time for lunch.  That was fun!  They ate discount croissants, iced tea, and yoghurt, and I had cottage cheese and vegetable cocktail.  Then we came home and had a huge snack, because we were hungry.  And, oh yes, today I had gluten-free brownies.  Oops!


Relaxation:  Nope. Except, of course, for the mandatory afternoon naps.   Lots of schoolwork, housework, and blog ‘work,’ and not enough gardening.  But I did read a book one evening.  It’s not one I can recommend, and I shouldn’t have finished it, but I was too tired to get up and put it away.  If you know what I mean.


Back to normal life:  I’m getting there, but I need to relax more and watch my nutrition more.


Next week I’m hoping to take it as easy as possible, eat very well, go for walks, and do lots of light gardening.  That almost sounds like a holiday!  Smile.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I had no idea chickens ate dandelions..! How interesting!

    Your plans for this week sound divine!!! I wish I could join you 😉

    Have a peaceful week–don't work too hard!


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