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On the Eve of the First Day

Hear the music in the background:

“Totally unprepared are we,

to face a world of school;

totally unprepared are we,

to live life by that rule….”

Well, not totally unprepared, although that fits the song!  But I still don’t feel quite ready.   We went to a church picnic–in the rain–instead of doing the final little preparations, and it was a great choice.   Probably

So we’ll start the school year without our first term’s weekly check off lists, without the binders set up, and without the textbooks in the right spot.  I’m thinking of having a before-school week for the little ones, decorating binder dividers,  writing about the summer, taking pictures, doing review, and so on.  And we have books to read…. 

Happy first day to all who are beginning tomorrow!

Annie Kate


  1. Carmen says:

    I’m not sure we have ever started totally prepared. If we waited for that, we’e never get going. 🙂 We got off to a partial start last week and this week we are ready for the full schedule…although, yesterday was a holiday and tomorrow is a field trip to the science centre… But that’s life, right? Hope you have a great week and wish you the LORD’s blessings and strength.

    1. Annie Kate says:

      You are so right Carmen! The children are busy at work and having a wonderful time even though I’m madly ordering library copies of books I thought we owned and was just going to pull off the shelf this morning. LOL

      Annie Kate

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks for popping over. I’ve not found the ‘platform change’ easy and still have regular problems with it. 🙁
    We are fine. Just started back with school, but are going slowly as I’ve not quite sorted out all I want to do just yet!
    God bless you!

  3. I understand, we weren’t as prepared as I am a lot of years either but it went…

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