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Homeschooling Success…Despite Distractions

Well, we had another week of distractions like Thanksgiving, harvesting, preserving, cleaning up the garden, and more, but we had some major homeschooling breakthroughs despite that.

Miss 8 can read!  She whizzes through the instructions in her workbook, hardly stumbles in her reader, picks up easy reader books for fun, and comments on what I’m writing or reading on the computer.  We had almost no ‘school tears’ this week, and what a blessing that is!

Miss 10 has, somehow, taught herself decimals!  We use the Key to Decimals booklets for her.  She studied the first booklet and wrote the test last week.  This Thursday, she decided to do the same thing with the second booklet.  Even though we had to review large number multiplication, she came very close to succeeding at that test this week as well.  So, right now, she’s about where I expected her to be in early January, and I’m one thankful mama.

Miss 12 came home from judo happy!  She can pick people up, put them on her shoulders, and run around the gym with them on her shoulders!  She also did quantities of bookwork, from How to Read a Book and grammar to history, French, and science.

Mr. 15 reinstalled Windows so we can use Rosetta Stone French again!  What’s more, once when I called him (in English), he instinctively responded, “Je suis ici.”  This is the young man who does not like French, but it’s slowly becoming more natural to him.  We just plod along, a little bit every day and I’m so thankful it’s catching on.

Miss 17, far away on a prairie dairy farm, vaccinated 250 calves this week!  She’s learning so much in her two months away, and she’s even managing to do some advanced chemistry, SAT prep, history, and Bible as well.

And I’m finally getting my homeschooling routine under control.  Each day, I work with Miss 8 on the basics, do Daily Grams with Miss 10 (that’s how we learn grammar basics), and help and encourage both of them as needed with other topics.  Then I do French is Fun with Miss 12 and BJUP’s French 2 with Mr. 15.  I mark as needed, read aloud after lunch and the occasional supper, and am catching up on science, history, geography, and Dutch with the Little Misses. 

We’re still not where we ‘should’ be for week 5, but we’re doing much better than expected.  Praise the Lord!

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  1. Susan says:

    Sounds like you are getting it together better than we are:-)

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Yes, it’s coming together here, by the grace of God. But it’s probably coming together in some way at your house, too. Look for it, and I’m sure you’ll find it.


      Annie Kate

  2. That’s all great news, Annie-Kate! It used to surprise me when my boys would just “teach themselves” things…but now I simply expect it 🙂 Your kids will do that more and more, no doubt! Praying you have more and more “no school tears” days, too, LOL!


    1. Annie Kate says:

      Those amazing kids of ours! LOL

      I find that we homeschool moms don’t really need to do all that much teaching. Sometimes we just need to stay out of the way.

      Thanks for the praying for more ‘no school tears’ days.


      Annie Kate

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