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Preview: Comprehensive Record Solution

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Wow, I’m so excited!  Last week I received The HomeScholar’s Comprehensive Record Solution and it looks absolutely great.

The Comprehensive Record Solution is a program to help homeschooling parents prepare the necessary documentation for college admissions and scholarships.  Record keeping is intimidating to many of us homeschooling moms, especially when we realize that our teen’s academic future may hinge on how well we do.  This program gives simple, helpful, practical, and encouraging advice.

Lee Binz, the mom behind The HomeScholar, presented such excellent records to college admissions officers that her two sons were offered huge scholarships.  In the Comprehensive Record Solution she shows the rest of us exactly what she did, using her own mommy-grades and her own mommy-transcripts.

As a reviewer, I’ve been blessed to be able to peek at this package before the launch date (November 29), and this is what I found:  an incredible wealth of helpful information in E-books, audio downloads, videos, templates, and documents.  There are even four document reviews with Lee herself!

All this is presented in four modules:

  • Module 1: Encourage, in which we meet Lee and her family, understand the importance of record keeping, and see the records of her sons and of some other homeschooled students.
  • Module 2: Equip, in which Lee shares a thorough record template as well as all you’ve ever wanted to know about course descriptions, including many examples.
  • Module 3:  Educate, in which Lee gives wide-ranging video and audio advice to help prepare your teen’s comprehensive record.
  • Module 4:  Empower, in which Lee will personally help you, hands-on, with four individual course descriptions you develop.

Those who order early also will receive various bonuses, including a free 30 day trial subscription to The HomeScholar Silver Training Club. This club contains so much information on all aspects of homeschooling high school that I may need to take a few PD days just to absorb it all.

So far I’ve enjoyed some of the videos and studied a few of the E-books and documents.  The videos are basically well-organized talks with notes, something that fits well with my learning style.  Lee has a pleasant voice, and it has been a joy to learn from her.  The E-books are clear and thorough, showing in great detail exactly how Lee documented her boys’ high school education.  The templates are well-organized and logical, and the prepared course descriptions, as well as the explanations of how to write your own, are thorough and very helpful.

What I like best so far, besides the clear examples and templates, is Lee’s assertion that the quickest and easiest path to college admissions and scholarships is to focus on helping the student become the person God created them to be.  She does not advocate a rigid, stressful style of high school at all.  In fact, she says that a big advantage of homeschooling is the opportunity to enjoy life-defining experiences during the school year.   This is our family’s style, too.  Although we encourage thorough and rigorous courses, we also allow ample opportunity for exploring personal interests.  Knowing that Lee’s philosophy is similar to ours makes me feel more comfortable with her suggestions.

Although I’ll post a full review later, I can confidently say that the Comprehensive Record Solution promises to be a helpful, empowering, and calming influence for those who are educating their teens at home.  I’m sure the investment will pay off handsomely for almost every homeschooling family that does not have transcripts, records, and portfolios completely under control…and maybe even for some that do.

The Comprehensive Record Solution is available for $97 US.  I know this is a lot of money for the average homeschooling family, but it’s just a drop in the bucket for parents of college students.  I think that investing  $97 now will save many homeschoolers thousands of dollars later.  If, however, you decide that the program doesn’t work for your family, Lee offers a 60 day unconditional money-back guarantee.

Disclosure:  I received The Comprehensive Record Solution in order to preview and review it and give you my honest opinion.  I do not receive any compensation for this preview or any of my reviews, and my opinions are entirely my own.


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