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Celebrating Our First Day Off

Yesterday was a crazy day because we tried to finish the year?s schoolwork … as much as possible.

Today, however, is holiday time, and we celebrated!  We started off with a rare treat, a trip to the swimming pool.  The children were blissfully happy, swimming, sliding, enjoying the hot tub, slipping into the sauna (!), and playing.

For the first time ever I did not go swimming, but sat at one of the mommy tables, watching, reading, and greeting my beaming children?s wet faces as they visited me every few minutes.

The pool area was too noisy for me to hear my cell phone, but I turned to see my handsome husband waving through the glass.  All the blood work from his recent physical was good.  Such happy news!

While the Little Misses eagerly soaked up every minute of their swim time, Miss 13 and Mr. 15 took a break to spend some time with me, reading.  I was so glad I?d stuffed three books rather than just one into my little ?Homeschooling with Heart? tote!   

Then we went grocery shopping while hungry.  Although this is usually a bad idea, it?s great just before the holidays when we needed some extra treats anyhow.  We ended up with all sorts of unusual goodies, from a pineapple, sausages, and whipping cream to chips and caramel sundae sauce.  And, of course, a big bunch of perfectly ripened bananas to eat in the car, since by then we were extremely hungry.

To top it all off, tonight Miss 17 will arrive home, Lord willing, after a month in Europe.

May you all be enjoying your holidays just as much as we are.


  1. JoAnn says:

    Sounds like a great day. 🙂


  2. Jenn says:

    Hooray! I love it when it all comes together nicely. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Merry Christmas,too!

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