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Getting to be a Fitter Mommy




We had a great week!  I’ve done a lot more than ever before, and it’s been wonderful.

Exercise:  I did one-tenth of the Callanetics warm up six days out of seven, and it felt great.  I went on some serious walks; in fact, I even did a tiny bit of hiking!  For the first time in years, I swam in the pool.  Just a small amount, mind you, but it was actual swimming.  Of course, when it wasn’t raining, I gardened.  And none of this activity gave me the weak, exhausted feeling that I’ve been getting after the tiniest bit of exercise.  Praise the Lord!

Nutrition:  OK, that was not so great.  Remember I was going to eliminate sugar and cut down on fruit?  Well, the kids went strawberry picking (and that’s the subject of another post) so I ate lots of strawberries.  Yum!  Then we went out for the day (yet another post) and for a snack I took along an emergency gluten-free breakfast bar, also sweet.  Our currants are ripe.  Yum!  Our raspberries are ripe.  Yum!  And a friend made a lovely gluten-free Pavlova—meringue covered with whipping cream and berries.  Yum, yum, yum!  And I had another emergency gluten-free breakfast bar for a snack at soccer yesterday … and some flavored gluten-free rice chips instead of plain ones.  Now my hands and feet are tingling again as they did when I was sick.  Since that is definitely food-related, some changes need to be made.  For one, I’ll try to stock the freezer with some nutritious emergency snack foods that I can eat on the go.

Rest and Relaxation:  Every day I took my afternoon nap at the proper time, except for the day we went out.  Then I stretched out on picnic table benches several times for deep relaxation ‘power breaks’ and that worked for me.   I did go straight to bed when we got home in the mid-afternoon, though.

Next week:  I hope to keep up with the Callanetics (one tenth of the warm up again), find a nutritious gluten-free snack bar recipe (probably using bean flours), and do some gardening, walking, and swimming.  I’m planning to scrub my house—walls, shower stalls, and more—just a few minutes a day, every day, alternating arms.  It may take all summer, but at the end of it the house will be clean, and I’ll be stronger.  I also plan to spend some time practicing deep relaxation; it’s a very helpful tool.

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  1. Stacy's Page says:

    Ahhh, afternoon naps. I got spoiled with those while recovering from surgery. Now that I’m back to work, I miss those long, lovely naps.

  2. Tina says:

    I am so amazed that you are keeping up!!!! Moving forward and doing better each day! PTL. Oh how can you not eat such wonderful fresh fruit? That would be so difficult for me. I am lifting you up this week to keep on track.
    Cleaning the house is hard…its one of the activities ( scrubbing mostly ) that sets off my fibro. I have learned to do 10 to 15 minute sessions and to simplify by decluttering more. Its still hard to give full attention to the showers ect. Using a mild soultion of bleach water in a spray bottle , applied daily to the showers, has helped to cut down on the scrubbing. I also put my scrub brush on a long extendable pole. That helps tremendously. ( I cannot reach above my head to scrub as it causes a lot of pain) Have a great productive week!

  3. Leah Witmond says:

    Wow! You did so well this week, Annie Kate. Amazing!

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