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Fit Mommy Friday

I feel fitter than ever, and it?s a great feeling.  Here?s how the week?s goals went:

Average at least 6000 steps, five days a week.   No.  I?ve read that people can only focus on three or four goals at a time and that may be true.  If my goal is to do the physio exercises, then the walking may just be neglected for now.  Not that I don?t walk, but I don?t make that extra effort to go from 5000 to 6000 steps.

Do my physio exercises regularly.    Yes, most of them.  And the surprising thing is that they don?t take very long at all.  When I used to do them, it felt like they took all day to do. However, it would be a day?s worth of remembering and getting around to it, and only a few minutes of exercising.  Now I?m learning to squeeze many of the exercises in at odd moments, and that works.

Avoid sugar six days a week.  How about 5 sugar-free days? 

Eat lots of vegetables and yoghurt.  Drink kefir.  I did not eat a huge amount of vegetables, so I?ve been drinking V8 to compensate.  We had yoghurt for a few meals and I?ve been faithfully drinking my kefir every day.  I love its fizziness!

Rest daily. Yes.  Honestly, I don?t see how I ever lived without that daily nap!  I get a lot more done when I take the time out to rest than when I try to keep going all day.

How about you?  Did you have a fit week?

If you want to join Fit Mommies, just visit Denise at Got Chai?  As you can tell from my posts, you don?t need to be very active or healthy to participate, although some of the Fit Mommies are.


  1. Debbie says:

    Sounds lie you had a good week. Here’s hoping and praying we both have a good week this coming week also. Glad you are feeling more fit.

  2. sevensmiths says:

    It sounds like you’ve had a good week. I’ve been eating more yogurt this week, but I still haven’t taken my kefir grains out of the freezer again and made kefir again. I really ought to do that.

    Thanks for commenting on my week. I figured that since I wasn’t getting the exercise in, and my 3 year old had to be contained and entertained anyway, I’d just try to do both at once! 😉

  3. congrats on the five days~woot! YOU GO GIRL!! ;-))

  4. Jen says:

    Friday was my first Fit Mommy Friday. Way to go on the 5 days! I am just completing my first week on Weight Watchers. Blessings and I look forward to more Fit Mommy Friday.

  5. Lorus says:

    Yay for the Physio and sugar free! You had a fabulous week!

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