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Review: An Unlikely Blessing by Judy Baer

Having put the city, a successful academic career, and a failed engagement behind him, Alex Armstrong moved out to the wilds of North Dakota as a fledgling pastor.  In Hilltop he found friends, many urgent needs, and delicious food donated by the ladies (some single) of his two congregations.  In caring for his flocks, Alex also unwittingly began to heal his own wounds.

Although this book is in the same genre as Jan Karon?s Mitford Years, the prairie town flavor and fast pace makes it unique.

Judy Baer?s characters are totally believable, and I was swept into the story.  Having grown up as a prairie girl, I loved the setting and felt at home in the book.  It is all action, just like real life; every time I expected deep thoughts, something else would happen.  An Unlikely Blessing is wholesome without being preachy and full of neighborly news without being gossipy.  It refreshed and relaxed me thoroughly, and I?m still smiling because of it.

This is the first book in the Forever Hilltop Series, and I can?t wait to step into the next one to find out what will happen to everyone…although I think I can guess.

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Judy Baer, successful author of over seventy-five books, is launching An Unlikely Blessing with a Kindle prize package giveaway.  Please scroll down to read the publisher’s information about it, if you are interested.   

Disclosure I received a free copy of An Unlikely Blessing in order to give you my honest opinion of it.


In celebration of the release of An Unlikely Blessing, Judy is giving away a KINDLE prize package worth over $175.

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  1. JoannaTopazT says:

    I just added this to my library list.

    (I’ve always meant to read the Mitford series, but haven’t yet. I have weird things about reading series — have to read them in order, like knowing what my commitment is going to be going in — i.e., about how many books in the series — etc. And if there are already multiple works in a series, then I feel really strange about starting a new one if I haven’t finished the series I was previously reading…which is why I haven’t started a new series since I began the Master and Commander books a few years ago. I know; it’s weird.)

    BTW, I enjoy your blog, too.

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