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Free Online Class on Lasers and Light

Do you want your kids to get excited about science?  Here’a a chance to see one of  Aurora Lipper’s super-popular presentations.  (The last one she did drew over 3700 people!) 

On Monday,  April 11,  your children (and you) can enjoy a  video class on Lasers and Light.   You will need to register at that link, but the class is free.  Enjoy!

Thanks to Maria Miller of Math Mammoth for bringing this opportunity to my attention. 

Disclosure:  I am not compensated by either Aurora Lipper or Maria Miller for sharing this opportunity.  However,  from the url Maria sent me to,  it seems that she is an affiliate with Aurora’s Supercharged Science business.

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  1. Jenn4him says:

    Thanks. Sounds interesting!

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