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Fit Mommy Friday


What’s wrong with me this week?  This entire spring, actually?  I can’t seem to find the motivation to exercise.  I’ve been doing some spring cleaning, but not enough to call it exercise.  Walks are rare occurrences ever since we took a break from the Rideau Trail hikes…but I just came back from one, so things are looking up.

I eat every sweet thing the kids make…and then some.  And that kefir seems to be glued to the back of the fridge, waiting for me to take it out, care for it, and feed it.  At least we eat yoghurt and veggies regularly.

And I rest.  Of course.

Perhaps the problem is very simple:  Lack of self-discipline.  But why would I need discipline to exercise when I used to love it?  This is a point to ponder.  And I’ll clean off my desk because I know that will give me more energy.

So here’s how I did this week:

Go for a walk at least once a day…no.

Do calisthenics at least 3 times a week… no.

Avoid sugar six days a week …no.

Eat lots of vegetables and yoghurt…yes.  Drink kefir…no.

Rest daily, and do more fun things with the kids… yes to resting, no to special activities.

How about you?  Did you do better than I did!

If you want to join Fit Mommies, just visit Denise at Got Chai? As you can tell from my posts, you don’t need to be very active or healthy to participate, although some of the Fit Mommies are.


  1. Don’t beat yourself up~we all have an off week! BUT you can jump right back on~GIVE IT TO GOD~Have you ever thought of eating in a God honoring way?? This is what I’m trying to do…and believe me, it’s not easy, but trusting God to help me in my food has been wildly successful verses the power of my own self will which is IFFY at best…It became easier when I pray at my plate~

    You can give it to the Lord, Sister~he’s a burden carrier!

    HOPE YOU have a blessed week!

  2. Briana says:

    Thanks for stopping by to encourage me.

    Hey, let’s finish out the week really well! I’ll go for a walk if you will, lol.

  3. Annie Kate says:

    OK, I’ll do that! This afternoon. And I already went for a few other walks. 🙂

    Thanks for the challenge!

    Annie Kate

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