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Review: The Czar by Deborah Alcock

Twelve year-old Ivan, disputing with Michael over the privilege of swinging with pretty Anna Popovna, was abruptly put face to face with his past.  Who was he?  Why did all the villagers treat him differently?  And what could he do to win Anna’s favor?  As Ivan set out on a mission to surpass his rival, he watched a wondrous man revive a drowned carpenter, assumed dead, and his life was forever changed.

When Ivan eventually took his place in high Russian society, he discovered that his boyhood hero was none other than Czar Alexander himself.  Ivan dedicated his life to the Czar and served him heroically from Moscow to Paris and back to Russia.

Through the eyes of Ivan and of Henri, a reluctant supporter of Napoleon, we follow the story of Czar Alexander and the disastrous fate of Napoleon’s army.  We read about Anna Popovna as well as other gentle and inspiring ladies, discover Ivan’s past and, through it all, get to know the admirable Czar.  Alcock’s thrilling novel about war and faith, young men and maidens, France and Russia, shows us history as well as ourselves. 

The Czar:  A Tale of the Time of the First Napoleon by Deborah Alcock provides quality entertainment while drawing the reader closer to God.  Exciting, historically accurate, and deeply religious, The Czar is a must-read for any student of European history and is recommended to all teens and adults.

This book is available from Inheritance Publications.  

Disclosure I received a free review copy of The Czar in order to share my honest opinions.

The Czar is my 19th book in the 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge.

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  1. Jenn4him says:

    Sounds like a good book! I did not forget your asking about a good book for your age and gender range. The first thing that popped into my mind was to suggest a good missionary story. I am hoping to read one to my crew. They seem to appeal to all ages and genders, especially if there is some element of danger to them. We read In Search of the Source and Bruchko. (I think those are the titles?) This summer I want to read something by Elisabeth Elliot about her time in the jungle. And, I got the hint, but am not a good meme hostess. However, if you want to check in once a week and hold me accountable, that would be great! If I did do a meme, it might just be the two of us anyway!

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