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Fit Mommy Check-In

encouraging each other

to care well

for the bodies God has given us

Welcome to the Health and Fitness Check-In column of The Christian Home Carnival, posted at Day by Day in Our World this week. For encouragement and accountability, you can check in using the linky at the bottom of this post. Please feel free to join any time, and at whatever level of fitness and health you currently have.

This was a great week from many points of view.  We harvested much of the garden bounty and put it away.  School went well.  We are all healthy.  On the other hand, I was way too busy to do any formal exercising. 

Not that I wasn`t active.  I was constantly in motion between the counter, the sink, and the stove, making salsa, canning tomatoes, pickling hot peppers, and freezing sweet peppers.  And from the kitchen I ran back and forth to the children and helped them with their schoolwork.  To top it all off, I also picked raspberries several times, which is a multi-hour standing and bending job. 

In fact, I had incredible stamina, to the point where my husband said, “I think you are well again.“ Certainly, I feel better than I have in many years.  Praise the Lord!

Here`s my check-in for the week:

Do my eye exercises 3x a day … No.

Go for a walk at least once a day … No, but I spent many, many hours walking around in my kitchen.

Do calisthenics at least 3 times a week … No.

Avoid sugar six days a week … Yes, until today when we ate a small home-grown watermelon for a morning snack and a home-grown cantaloupe for lunch.  Those melons are delicious and so sweet that within an hour I felt ravenous and craved candy.  We have no gluten-free candy, so we cooked some sausages instead.  Yum!  I have discovered, once again, that eating sweet fruit does not work for me.

Eat lots of vegetables and yoghurt … Yes. It’s harvest season at our home, and we’re eating tomatoes by the gallon, and other vegetables too. And the melons are ripe. The last batch of yoghurt has been so good that Miss 13 has been raving about it. 

Rest daily, and do more fun things with the kids … Each night I slept very well.  I took a few catnaps (listening to school narrations around 11:45 am makes me so sleepy!), but did not need any real naps this week.  As for fun with the kids, we harvested, ate well, preserved, swam, read aloud, and laughed.


  1. Lisa says:

    Wow! You had an awesome week despite not getting your exercising in!! 🙂 Way to go on all of the canning! We can tomatoes every year, and are going crazy trying to find them, because in these parts (PA, NJ), most of the crops were destroyed due to the hurricane and wettest August on record.

    We have a small garden and have had a pretty good yield of eggplant, peppers, basil and some tomatoes. The cucumbers gave a pretty good yield early, but then died off. Too much rain, I guess. 🙁

    I hope you have a blessed weekend!

    1. Annie Kate says:

      There’s been a lot of crazy weather, hasn’t there? We have had one of the driest summers ever and our river is the driest we’ve ever seen. And you have had so much rain. At least the drought hasn’t harmed our garden much.

      We can hardly grow eggplant here!

      Annie Kate

  2. Christine says:

    So glad for your encouragement to make good choices every day. It’s been crazy here, but my exercise has come from decluttering and carrying my “baby” around (he’s 18 months). I’ve been eating better, and I feel better because of it. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Carrying a baby around and decluttering sure is exercise! I’m glad that eating better is working for you.

      Annie Kate

  3. JoAnn says:

    Sounds like you did great. I watched my portion sizes this week, but with a sore hip and a bad cold I didn’t do any exercises. But that’s ok. I’ll just be glad when this cold is gone.

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Watching portion sizes is such an important part of getting healthy. I do hope you soon feel better!

      I just read a review of Made to Crave, and if I understand correctly, overeating may be a way that we try to replace God with food. If that is indeed true, then portion control is an important spiritual discipline as well.


      Annie Kate

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