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Review: Courageous Living: Dare to Take a Stand by Michael Catt

When I was asked to review Courageous Living: Dare to Take a Stand, I thought it would be an interesting but relatively shallow book of platitudes. Instead it is an inspiring pep-talk cum Bible study filled with earnest exhortation.

Courageous Living is eminently worth your time.

Associated with the Christian movie Courageous, this is a call to arms rather than a book about the movie.  In its ten chapters Pastor Michael Catt discusses the courage to

  • get going (Abraham),
  • chose and refuse (Moses),
  • lead on all levels (Joshua),
  • be a humble hero (Gideon),
  • face an uncertain future (Ruth),
  • make up your mind ( Elijah),
  • face criticism (Nehemiah),
  • stir up the fire (Timothy), and
  • face persecution (Stephen) ,
  • as well as the courage needed by the new millenials (Daniel).

Based squarely on the Bible, this easy read is full of stories, quotes, and practical ideas, always returning to the Word of God.  Courageous Living contrasts strongly with the shallow foolishness of Blue Like Jazz.

Catt writes primarily for men.  Specifically younger men, the ones who are in the midst of the busy-ness of life.  Although what he says applies to anyone, he focuses on encouraging men “to stand up and take responsibility for their role as men.” We need men in the church to step up, and we desperately need men who, regardless of their station in life, find their significance in faith, family, and hard work.

These ideas are not new among homeschooling families, but we parents can always use some encouragement when we’re swimming against the current of society. However, I think Courageous Living’s primary impact will be on our young people. Courageous Living, like Do Hard Things (written for a slightly younger audience) will inspire all of us to live for God rather than for comfort and earthly security.

This is the first in a series of 4 reviews of resources from Sherwood Baptist Church:   Courageous Living (book), The Resolution for Women (book),  The Resolution for Men (book), and Courageous (DVD).

Disclosure: This book has been provided courtesy of David C Cook and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. and is available at your favourite bookseller from B&H Publishing Group.

Courageous Living is my 50th book in the 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge.  For more inspiration, visit  No Ordinary Blog Hop, Encourage One Another Wednesday, and Women Living Well Wednesdays.



  1. Amy says:

    Thank you for the review and for linking up with NOBH. I have seen this study and wondered about it. It looks like something I and my husband would like. Now I feel as though I am more educated about it. Thanks!

    1. Annie Kate says:

      You’re welcome!

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