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Harvest Wrap Up

I’m  too busy to post my normal weekly wrap up, because we’ve been harvesting.  We expect frost tonight, so the last three days we’ve picked tomatoes, raspberries, hot peppers, sweet peppers, watermelons, pumpkins, squashes, cauliflower, rhubarb, and beans.

We froze a few things, but we really canned a lot:

  • the last cucumber pickles:  3 1/2 quarts, with the last half quart full of hot peppers instead
  • whole pickled hot peppers:  5 quarts and 6 pints
  • dill pickled veggies (garlic, onions, carrots, cauliflower, green peppers, hot peppers, dill):  14 quarts and 2 pints
  • rhubarb jam:  13 pints
  • stewed rhubarb:  23 pints

God has blessed us with a good harvest, the energy to preserve a lot of it, and lots of old bedsheets to cover what’s still out in the garden.  Even so, we’re praying it won’t freeze and that we’ll have enough energy for a salsa-making day on Monday.

Praise the Lord for restful Sundays!


  1. Stacy says:

    Way to go! You rock!!!

  2. Jenn4him says:

    I pray you get it all done and the frost holds off. No frost here until probably late next month, but the nights are cool and the tomatoes are taking a long time to ripen. Happy harvesting!

  3. Annie Kate says:

    Well, we got a tiny bit of very spotty frost, but the kids had covered most things and the men of the family were out well before dawn sprinkling the rest of the garden with water. There was absolutely no damage!:)

    And today we make salsa, hopefully at least 30 quarts, using this recipe. http://anniekateshomeschoolreviews.com/2011/09/salsa-and-salsa-soup-stock/

    I pray we all have the energy to do it!

  4. briana says:

    Great job! I wish I could get into canning, maybe some day. I do ferment so that’s something. I’ve never tried rhubarb anything. It sounds interesting.

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Fermenting is something I hope to really get into this winter.

      Doesn’t rhubarb grow where you live? It’s a wonderful plant. Usually it requires sugar, but we’ve discovered that stewed rhubarb in yoghurt does not require any sugar at all. I love that!

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